01 November 2008

Spam Warning!

My husband sent me an article yesterday about spammers hitting blogspot. You can check it out here. I said, "So, what does that mean for me?" He said, "Well, I thought you use blogspot. I thought you'd want to know." I said, "Well, I've never been spammed." Until today.

I logged into my email this morning to see a comment from "John." I thought it was unsual that my brother-in-law or nephews would leave a comment. Then I looked at the comment. Oh. my. goodness. It is for a little blue pill that I am sure you've heard of.

As a result, I have done the thing that has annoyed me when I saw it on other blogs-comment moderation. I am sorry for the thoughts I have had for those of you who have it enabled. I understand why you do it. I am now one of those blogs.


Kim H. said...

No worries - your true bloggy friends don't mind! :)

Susie said...

That's why mine's on:-)

Therese said...

I was hesitant to put on full moderation when I did it. I did it because I wanted some control over what went on my blog. At first I thought it might put people off leaving a comment but I think the only people it has put off is spammers and trolls.