18 November 2008

Untraditional Traditions, Candid Carrie style!

Candid Carrie: Untraditional Traditions, The Snowflake Cake

Candid Carrie is having a contest and all I have to do is post about an untraditional tradition. Well, I have heard there is a new one starting at my sons' school this year. It is always the custom at our school for the K5 and 1st grade classes to re-enact the first Thanksgiving and have a feast. The K5 students are the Native Americans and the 1st graders are the Pilgrims. My son, Drew, is in K5 and has been practicing his line, "I'm a little Indian boy, I will cook the meat."

Last year was the inaugural year of our K4 program. Drew was in it. This year's K4 class has been invited to the Thanksgiving festivities-as the TURKEYS! Their role in the play? They are going to be shot. Yes, that's right-shot! I am chuckling over this, but I have heard that some of the K4 parents are not happy. Well, at least we're learning how the turkeys get to the table! :)


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I can see why some parent's wouldn't be happy with their little turkey's being shot. However, having their neck's wrung wouldn't be any better. AACK! Bad Frizzy Bad Bad Bad! Please excuse me as my sense of humor needs a little polish it seems today. No matter what their role, I hope they have a wonderful time.

Amy said...

That will be so cute! We want video :D

Kim H. said...

May be someone can get one of those "To-furkeys" for those parents that object to how the turkey used to make it to the table.

I'm sure it'll be super tootie cute and yes, try and get some video - I love stuff like that!

Dawn said...

What an opportunity for some great acting on the part of the kids. They could really go all out and be very dramatic or just take it like a Tom and fall over. Love it. Love it.

Susie said...

I don't know...you might end up with a bunch of vegetarians if they know how the turkey gets to the table.

Shannon said...

HA! That is too funny!

I wondered what my kids would say the first time they realized where hamburgers/ pork chops/ chicken/etc. came from... but they were ok with it!