28 May 2010

She has joined the club!

Finding the toilet paper is a right of passage in our house.
One that I try to avoid as long as possible!

Peter, 2001.

Drew, 2004.

Michael, 2006.

Alex, 2010.

26 May 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday-the teething edition!

Alex has been spending a lot of time like this lately!
She is miserable!

See those bottom teeth?
She's had one come through on top, but there
are 3 more up there that NEED to
come through ASAP!
(smile is ibuprofen induced! We should buy stock!)

25 May 2010

Brain freeze

Lately I have had some great ideas for posts, but by the time I sit down to write, they have fled my brain. I think it is just the craziness of the end of the school year.

I am hoping to get some more posting done this week. I have some great pictures from the weekend, but my computer wasn't playing nice.

Also, if you have a moment to pray for my friend's father, I would appreciate it. He is having aneurism surgery this morning. Thanks!

19 May 2010

Guess who is 10?

My dear Peter, it is so hard to believe you are 10 today! We love you so much and are so proud of who you are becoming!

18 May 2010

New Favorite App for iPad

It is called iRosary. It is a virtual rosary and it leads the mysteries and the prayers. (Yes, I know how to pray the rosary, but I sometimes need help focusing-especially when I try and pray during the baby's nap time-I get a little sleepy!) Also, comes with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy-something I am just learning. Have to say I really like it!


So I have been pretty absent of late. It is just the time of the year I suppose. In the past two weeks, I have finished up an emergency scoring project, scored teacher certification exams, and score the May SAT exams. It's been kind of crazy around here. Yesterday, I went back to teaching as all special projects are done.

We have had some sickness around here. Spring colds. I have it now, and complained to my hubby yesterday that mamas don't get sick days! Feeling a little better today. Drew ended up with a double ear infection because of it. Then, there is sweet Alex. She has the cold, too, but she is also getting 4 teeth at once! She is miserable, and not eating as much as normal. We have a regular schedule of ibuprofen for her. Pray they come quickly!

I am also struggling with ideas to write about. I am still musing on writing about my parents' battles with cancer, but I need to sit with that a bit yet. I have decided to question you all. What would you like to see more of? Family stuff? Faith ponderings? Cooking? Cake decorating? Ideas, people, I need direction!

Have a great day!

12 May 2010

Akmost Wordless Wednesday

We are in the middle of Spring soccer, but it is colder than last Fall's season! Baby girl had on many layers, but it was a COLD morning! Thanks goodness the games were at the same time on fields next to each other!

11 May 2010


We subscribed to Netflix last month, and I have to say I am really enjoying it. It is so nice to be able to throw on a movie for the kids or watch one with Andy in the evening. We bought the box for streaming it on our TV, but now they just added streaming on Wii. For around $9 a month, we are spending way less on movie rentals than we did before, and we are having more movie nights with the kids.

I also love the one DVD at a time mail service! On Sunday, Andy and I watched one of my favorites, Song of Bernadette. It is from 1943, and the woman who played Bernadette took the Oscar that year for this role (doubt that would happen now). I highly recommend you checking out this movie if you have not seen it yet.

Have you heard of 13th Day? It is the story of Fatima. I am kind of excited because it is next in our queue. It should arrive tomorrow which means we will watch it on Thursday, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima! I love that we were able to time it like that! I will post my thoughts on it after we watch it. Catholic Icing had some great ideas for the feast on Thursday. I have not been great about coming up with ideas for these special days, but this may be a first!

10 May 2010

8 Months Old!

I love to stand!!!

I love to eat!!!

And I love to smile!

Mother's Day!

Alex and I got to take a nap!
Notice my gift on the end of the couch?
I SO do not deserve that, but am loving playing with it!

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish everyone a happy mother's day! May your day be filled with lots of laughter and love! Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me!

07 May 2010

Sunshine Award

So this week, I was very fortunate to receive this award from two of my favorite bloggers, Nancy at Be Not Afraid and Sarah at With a Hopeful Heart! Ladies, you are the ones who fill my life with sunshine! Thanks so much! Love you!

Now, I get to spread the love (I have a feeling some of us are getting this a couple of time over!). Blogging is such a light in my life! I am so fortunate to be able to call you friends!

Here goes:

In one way or another you have all touched my life, and I am so blessed to call you friends!

I want this!

04 May 2010

This weekend

Andy's grandfather turned 90 over the weekend. We had a celebration with the entire family! Great-grandpa lives out of town, so this is the first time he met Alex. We had a great time and are so thankful and blessed to have him in our life. He and Great-grandma (who went home to Jesus 8 years ago) are both WWII veterans (she trained men-I have a lot of respect for that woman!), have raised 7 children and have many grand children and great grandchildren. Last year, Grandpa announced that he wanted a big party for his 90th! He is so youthful-it is hard to believe he is 90! He still travels quite often and is a man of great faith! Doesn't he look great for 90??? We love you Grandpa!