22 November 2008

More Michael-isms

As many of you know, this is Michael. He is so far, my youngest (God willing, he won't be the last!), and to date, my most challenging. With a birthday of September 2nd, he won't be going to K4 in September, so I get an extra year with him. He is spunky, this one!

See that hat? He wouldn't wear one last year. Even the tie on ones, he work his way out of. Yesterday it was really cold out. It was time. We had to run into Daddy's work. He told me, "I'm not wearing the hat!" After telling him we wouldn't see Daddy then, he relented. However, lest everyone thinks the hat didn't fit, he refuses to pull it down on his head and over his ears. I guess we'll call this progress.

So, in the middle of my dear, sweet Michael telling me "No!" yet again, I told him, "You're not the boss." He replied, "You're not the boss!" I said, "Hey, you don't talk to Mama like that." His response, "Hey, you don't talk to Michael like that!"

Finally, this morning, Andy and I were taking a moment and chatting. Something we never have enough time to do! Michael walked into our room and said, "Dad, stop talking to Mom. Take my hand. Come play with me!" All at the tender age of 3! It is going to be a long 2 years until he goes to school.


Clare said...

michael's getting some attitude! have fun!
he still looks adorable in his hat!

Susie said...

My kids were the same way. It's a phase. But it is a really sucky phase isn't it?

Kim H. said...

Oh my word - I'm sorry, but I chuckled! Michael and Molly ARE kindred spirits - climbers and little spunky beasts! Beasts - but cute beasts! And I mean that in the most loving of ways!

Molly's classic sassy line...."you're NOT in charge!" - whether she's saying it to me or one of her siblings.

My response...."oh, yes I am!"

Cecilia said...

Oh... Its like I am reading about my 3yr. boy...aww they are too much! But don't you love them! God bless him