30 March 2009


OK, rant ahead...you have been warned!

I am so far behind right now, and it is making me feel so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start. My house? trashed! Laundry? way too much of it! I did go grocery shopping this morning, but still need to make a run to Sam's. I am feeling yucky-most likely because I need to eat, but nothing is appealing to me! Finally, I am very tired with no break in store because my favorite 3 1/2 year old doesn't nap!

OK, now that I have all of that out, I am going to try and make some progress...thanks for listening!

28 March 2009

In Memory of Daddy

Three years ago tomorrow, my Dad went home to Jesus after a long battle with cancer. The morning he died, one of the nurses had commented that she wondered if my Mom was there to get him (Mom had died 19 months before). My siblings and I were all there when he went home. After hours of praying and waiting, there was a silence when we all gathered around him as we knew the moment had arrived. I remember after his being unconscious for hours, his eyes seemed to clear and he looked at each of us once more. I treasure that moment before he went to be with Mom in Heaven.

This picture is from 2002. We call it the 3 Peters. My Dad, my oldest nephew (he was 18 at the time), and my oldest son. Dad always loved that two of his 25 (almost 26!) grandchildren carried his name.

For my parents:
Eternal rest grant unto them, O, Lord, and let the Perpetual Light shine upon them. May their souls, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
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27 March 2009

Up All Night!

This cute little stinker fell asleep yesterday afternoon in the van. He didn't go to bed until 10 last night when his Mama got home from celebrating one of her best friend's birthdays (Can we say cheesecake, anyone? YUM!)...he'll be tired today!

25 March 2009

Blog fog

I am in a blog fog! Call it pregnant brain, chaos in the house or plain old writer's block, I am at a loss...I hope inspiration arrives soon!

Wordless Wednesday

Prayers for Stellan

24 March 2009

I am back!

I've kind of been missing, haven't I? My life has been a whirlwind the past few days-particularly over the weekend. We had a huge school fundraiser that I had been on the planning committee for for months, and the event was on Saturday. I was in charge of decorations, and they turned out really well, if I do say so myself (sorry I forgot to take pictures). We had a fun night, but after having been worked all day to set up and attend the event, and then clean up on Sunday, I am tired! It has taken me until now to get my bearings back!

I am finally getting over the morning sickness hump. It is not completely gone, but it is much better! Now that I am doing better, I have a new goal in mind-getting Michael potty trained once and for all! He really is being stubborn about it. He gets it, but wants nothing to do with it. He certainly marches to the beat of his own drummer! Please pray that this gets done and over with-I NEED him trained!

On a serious note, please pray for baby Stellan. His mom can be found over at My Charming Kids. Stellan almost died in-utero last summer due to a heart condition, but he was born completely healed. Now, the heart condition seems to have reared its ugly head again. Please pray for the family.

19 March 2009

Latest Craving

Frosted Flakes! I can't get enough of them! It is becoming my snack after I teach at night. A little sweet, but it is fortified and I get calcium with milk (sounds like I am justifying, doesn't it?). Last night, I had it for the first time at Andy's suggestion. It was so good-I had it this morning for breakfast and am looking forward to it after teaching. I have begun to feel this little one move, and he or she definitely dances after the frosted flakes!

Dinner Time Conversation

The other day, I was on the phone with my mother-in-law, and we were talking about food (I was making my corned beef). She brought up an old favorite, but couldn't remember the name. It was meat, round and came in a red wrapper. I immediately identified the description as smoked butt. It was one of my favorites, too, growing up.

So, I was relaying the conversation at dinner tonight. I immediately regretted that move. Drew looked at me in horror, "Mom, you've eaten butt?!?" Andy gave me the "why did you start this?" look. I told Drew that it was pork, and really yummy. Michael, not one to be outdone, looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't have smoke in my butt!" I said, "No, but you do have gas in your butt." (OK, I don't usually talk like this, but I couldn't resist!). Michael's response, "I do not have a$$ in my bunt." (OK, sometimes he misses or adds a consonant, but it was too cute!).

18 March 2009

Baby Names

So, I have been talking with the boys about what to name the baby. Mind you, we already have a girl's name (which not even the boys know), but after 3 boys, there are very few names we agree on. I have been telling the boys that we try to pick a saint's name for each of them.

Last week, Michael decided he wants to name the baby "Luke", and he is sticking with it no matter what the gender. Drew can't decide on any names. Peter, this morning, said, "How about Mary for a girl?" (not our pick, but I commended him on remembering picking a saint). Then he said, "How about Paul as in st. Paul for a boy?" (Again, another great saint, not on the list!). Peter then paused and said, "What about Jesus?" Which made Michael say, "I want a baby Jesus!" Very sweet, but again, we are at a loss for boys names.

Wordless Wednesday-My Little Monkey!

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17 March 2009

Good Day!

We had absolutely beautiful weather today! The high was 74-which set a record! When I picked the kids up from school, I let them play on the playground for an hour, and they came home tired and filthy! After showers, we set down to homework. We had a delicious dinner of corned beef, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (OK, not cabbage, but close, and I am the only one who eats it anyway!). We had the leftover cupcakes for dessert (I have to say that Drew's class said they were the best treat EVER-I am so glad the kindergartners enjoyed them!)

The best part of my day was earlier that afternoon. I had my latest pre-natal check-up. I am 14 weeks on Thursday (and officially in my second trimester-Thank you, Jesus!). All is going well thus far. I lost a pound since last month. I only bring this up because it has NEVER happened in any of my pregnancies! The best part? Hearing my baby's sweet heartbeat for the first time! Last month, it was too early to hear it, although I did see it, but there is something very reassuring about hearing that sound! God is so good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The kids in Drew's kindergarten class will be enjoying these today. I think they turned out pretty cute! I also tried a new buttercream recipe. I am on a search for the perfect buttercream icing. My husband is kind of a buttercream snob. So, the search continues. He said this one was close but not quite "the one"...Oh well! (He really doesn't like the Wilton version by the way!)
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16 March 2009

What a surprise!

Over the weekend, my mother-in-law bought me this:
It is a Kitchen Aid Professional 600. It has a HUGE bowl and big attachments. It makes doing double recipes so much easier! So far today, I have used it to make cupcakes and mashed potatoes. I am about to whip up the icing for the cupcakes. I have to send cupcakes for Drew's class tomorrow. While I don't deserve such extravagance, I am so excited to have this as I love to bake. It is really going to help me in perfecting some of my cake decorating skills (You can see pictures here, here, here, and here). Well, I am off to finish cupcakes...I will try and post pictures later!

13 March 2009


So, I have noticed with the followers button, that if I click on a new one that I can't see your blog-only that you follow mine. I for the life of me cannot get to the profile. Anyone else seeing this? If you are a new follower, welcome! Please leave me a comment so I can get to your profile and look at your blog! I would love to!

A Contest for Evy!

My friend, Evy, (Also known as Gramma to Many) is celebrating her 200th post with a contest! She is a fabulous knitter, and is giving away some hand-knit socks! Go on over and enter, and tell her I sent you!!!

10 March 2009

On my mind...

I have a lot on my mind lately, and I have been trying to formulate these thoughts into a post. My heart has been so heavy since the new President took office. I worry about the direction of the country and the world as we know it.

Economically, these stimulus plans are all wrong. Money is being filtered into areas that couldn't possibly stimulate the economy. The way to do this is to lower taxes so people have more of their own money to spend. Raising taxes on the wealthy doesn't work either. If they have more money, they can hire more people and give more to charity. Last week, I saw the head of the communist party of the USA on a news show, and he is thrilled with the direction of the country. I, however, am not.

Then, there was yesterday's executive order about embryonic stem cell research. This order so saddens me. And you can't use the argument that I don't understand. I DO understand. I have a nephew who is Type I Diabetic, and I have lost both of my parents to cancer. Trust me, I do want an end to these diseases, but not at the expense of human life. The cost is too high. Thus far, the only promising leads with stem cells have been with ADULT stem cells. I think it makes far more sense both scientifically and morally to study adult stem cells.

This is one of those times, when we need to continue to pray, and pray I will!

06 March 2009

Picture explanation

A few of you asked for an explanation of this picture. The mat that the rubik's cub is on is a toy that my oldest son, Peter received a while ago. It has a special coating that when you flash this light against it (that came with it, it's like a camera flash), it leaves a temporary glow in the dark image which is pretty cool. My Michael, though, loves to take Daddy's high-tech flashlight and go in our bedroom and use it in the dark which is what he was doing here. The rubik's cube was just something he brought in with him. For the record, it is an electronic rubik's cube that my mother-in-law bought that works kind of like Simon. The center lights up and each side in different order and you need to push it before it buzzes. So, there you have it...how this picture came to be.

05 March 2009


Thanks to all of you who reminded me to get plenty of rest. I feel like sometimes we do forget because children can pull us this way and that. My Michael gave up his nap at a really early age, and so it makes down time a little harder to find.

I did slow myself down a bit these past couple of days. I had off last night from work because of a meeting up at Church, and it was nice to be home by 8 and done for the night.

Tonight is another story. I had a quiet day, only working on laundry, but I am teaching tonight until 10 PM. I am very tired (I woke up at 4 AM and didn't fall asleep until almost 6 AM). I am also extremely nauseous (I wish that this morning/all the time sickness would be over! Almost there!) Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through my sessions!

03 March 2009

Never a Dull Moment!

I have had one of the busiest, craziest days! I had a non-stop day which began at my sons' school for Dr. Seuss' birthday. They had a green eggs and ham breakfast, and I went to help. As soon as that finished, I rushed home to meet with the student that I tutor once a week. Then, it was back to school for lunch duty. By then I was wiped out, and thought I would have the chance to sit for a moment.

When I got home, I realized that I had forgotten to take the roast out of the freezer that I was going to turn into pork chops. Into the microwave to defrost, and then I had a duel with the roast and the electric knife. I won, by the way. A phone call later, and it was time to pick up the boys.

Oh, yeah, it's Tuesday. That means we have to wait in the parking lot while Drew has choir practice. I got home by 3:30, ready to start dinner, and then the fun really began!

My nieces stopped by because their sister in college needed something faxed to her. I took care of that, and they left. Again, I pulled my now roast turned pork chops, ready to bread them. As my hands were deep into pork and breading, the phone rang. I saw it was my niece and thought if it is an emergency, she'll call back. She called back. She had run out of gas and was in our Church's parking lot. I told her I would be there shortly.

I called Andy to see which gas can to take. He told me which one, but it had almost no gas, and worse yet, no spout. I loaded the boys in the car and ran to the gas station, bought a new gas can and filled it. I got to my nieces, and prepared to put the gas in my sister's van. The gas can had a safety cap on the spout (like a medicine bottle), and I could not get it off! Neither could my nieces. Out of desperation, I called a friend who lives less than a block away, and her teenage son came and got the cover off. He left, we put the gas in, and I assumed that we were done, and I could go make dinner.

The car. wouldn't. start. And to make matters worse, it was blocking one of the entrances. I called my friend again and her two teenage sons came to push the van out of the way. After all this, I took the girls back to my house where they stayed until their Dad could get them. Finally, I could make dinner.

We had a lovely dinner, even if it was a little late. Tonight, I was scheduled to teach 7-10, but then they dropped my second hour which means I teach 7-8, and 9-10. Very frustrating as I hate the hour off in-between. I am just very, very tired.