29 July 2009

33 weeks

Well, I am 33 weeks tomorrow. I saw my OB today, and all looks good! Baby is head down right now-although her body is more off to one side. He didn't seem concerned about her being in the right place by the time she comes. I go back in 2 weeks, on August 13th, when he will check me for the first time, If I am showing progress, then I will switch to weekly appointments. No progress, I will get another 2 week reprieve. I have a feeling that I will be switching to weekly. It all seems so close now...


I spend a lot of time each day answering questions from Michael. He is by far the most inquisitive of my boys for his age (almost 4). He just loves to ask me things. When he starts to ask questions he knows the answers too, I sometimes get frustrated, but I answer nonetheless because I don't want to squelch his curiosity.

Last night, we took the boys for a ride, and got ice cream. We like to do this in the summer and go to the airport to watch planes take off and land.

As we were driving to the airport, ice cream in hand, Michael starts with his usual, "Mom?" I say, "Yes, Michael?" wondering what the next question will be. Last night's was, "How do boogers get in my nose?" I told him that sometimes we breathe in dirt and it becomes boogers. His response, "And then I pick them and eat them!"

I know, gross, but it was one of those moments I had to share!

27 July 2009

What did I do yesterday?

Well, I finally met my friend, Kim. Looking back, I am not sure who read whose blog first (do you remember, Kim?), but I do know that we hit it off from the start. Emails and phone calls later, I am happy to call her my friend.
She is back home for her sister's wedding, which was relatively close to where I am, and we met kind of in the middle (but within my travel limits for this point in pregnancy). We met at a Perkins, and had a lovely dinner, spending the better part of 2 1/2 hours talking. I had a great time, and was excited to meet someone that I know will be a life-long friend!
BTW-If you haven't checked out her blog, you really should-it's that good!

Prayers needed immediately!

Prayers for Stellan

Remember this sweet baby? He was admitted to the hospital last Friday to try to get his SVT (really rapid heart rate) under control. According to his Mama, he is not doing well. Her last tweet said that the family was coming up to the hospital. Please pray for this sweet boy and his family. For more info, please click here.

25 July 2009

Only a friend would say and do this!

Yesterday, I commented that on Facebook that our parish festival was this weekend. In my status, I said, "I'll be the one waddling amongst the rides chasing 3 boys on Sunday!"

To which my friend, Teri responded, "And I'll be the one pushing the stroller, chasing 3 more kids and chasing your 3 if they can run faster than you can waddle. :)" I love that I have friends that I can count on in my hour of need (because we know that my boys can run faster than I can waddle)!

23 July 2009

Some say I am nesting...

I prefer to think of it as being prepared. I have been on a productive spree this week that began with school supply shopping. Almost all complete, except for one item, which I will pick up today.

Yesterday found me actually caught up on laundry. I also finally got those baby girl clothes put away in her dresser, and washed the bedding for the crib. The crib is now ready for its latest occupant. I am feeling much better about being ready for baby.

Yesterday, I also ordered Drew's uniform pants. He is hard to fit, but thanks to my friend Lisa, I think we may have pants that actually work, and thanks to Andy's Aunt Peg, they will be professionally hemmed as well before school starts!

This afternoon, I am down to only 2 boys (Drew has a play date). My plan is to tackle the rest of my uniform and my soccer list. To do that, though, I need to get of the computer and dig out last year's soccer shoes to see if anything fits (please God!)...Have a great day!

21 July 2009


I had this great post in my head yesterday, and then I was too tired to write! I usually hate Mondays. Andy goes back to work, and right now, we have hit the point in summer where I can't seem to keep the boys busy enough.

First things first, the doorbell rang (and I had not showered yet), but I realized that it was the mailman delivering a package. My friend, Nancy, sent me lots of really cute baby stuff! I cannot wait to use it! I still cannot believe that I will be 32 weeks on Thursday! It seems so close now! By the way, could you say a prayer for Nancy today? Today is Nancy's first mammogram since completing her treatment for breast cancer. Thanks!

Speaking of baby's birth feeling close, I decided that I needed to start checking off the back to school list. I took the boys school supply shopping, and I was so pleased at how good they were! It was really the lowest stress supply run that I ever remember! Afterwards, I took them to get an ice cream cone at McDonald's (can't beat the $0.49 price!). Next on that to do list will be uniforms and soccer uniforms (I am really looking forward to soccer practice in mid-August-NOT!).

So, we had a few other errands to run, but it was just the day that was so good. The boys and I had a good time in the van-good music on the i-Pod, and just lots of memories to share with them. As we were at Kmart, I was reminded of taking my Mom there when Peter was about 2. She couldn't drive anymore due to her vision loss, but we went out together often in those days. I looked up and saw the Little Caesars' sign in the store and was reminded of how Mom always bought Peter lunch there when we went to take back to her house. I told Peter about it, and although he was too young to remember, he loves hearing stories about his Nonni.

Then in the car, my i-Pod on shuffle, John Michael Talbot came on. I love his music! I had the opportunity to see him play a few years ago, and he is amazing. I grew up listening to his music in the car with my parents. So, yesterday his "Holy, Holy, Holy" came on. It is a part of the album he did of songs that are related to each part of the Mass. I highly recommend it! There are just certain songs of his, though, that I can still hear my Mom singing to when I play them. This was one. I really could feel her presence with us yesterday. It was such a blessing. Lately, I have missed both of my parents, especially with the baby coming, but yesterday, I was filled with joy. Joy that they are both in heaven, and joy that I am blessed to have these memories.

Why would anyone want this?

Andy pointed this video out to me...It's long-about 20 minutes, but worth it. It was a realistic look into health care in Canada-very similar to what can be expected if obamacare passes-which I pray it does not! I know our system is not perfect, but it is better than this!

16 July 2009

Q & A with Aussie Therese and Sarah (JOT)

From Aussie Therese: I want to know your favourite childhood memory.

I wish I could pick just one! I really had a great upbringing-I was very blessed! My favorite memories were always when we had family parties that included my aunts and uncles and cousins. We had a rec room in the basement, and it was always full with music and laughter and lots of great Italian food! I always loved those times when we were all together!

I also was blessed that my maternal Grandma and her oldest sister, Aunt Mary lived in the flat upstairs from us. I know it helped Mom and Dad out a lot when I was little as they always had a babysitter available. I loved going up there, and would run up several times a day! My Grandma would get so mad at me because I would throw the door open and yell for ,"Auntie Mary!"-even if Grandma was sitting at the table when I walked in! I love them both so much. I am glad they are in Heaven, but I do miss those days!

From Sarah (JOT): If you were stranded (only for a short time) on an island, what would you bring with you . . . ???

Assuming I had signal (we are in the era of 3G, aren't we?), I would bring my kindle and my cell phone. I could email for help, and download things to read on the kindle while I waited (including spiritual reading!). I would probably want my rosary with me as well. Odd that I assume my technology would work. If not, I would want several books with me that I had not read before. I probably would also want my looms with me, so I could catch up on my knitting!

Thanks for the great questions, Sarah and Therese!

Q & A-Nancy

Nancy asked me about my discipline style. I'd like to say I have one, but the way I discipline each boy is different because of their ages as well as their temperaments.

With Peter, there is very little discipline involved. It has kind of always been that way. He is like his Mama in that he is a people pleaser. If he has done something wrong, he is immediately contrite and aims to change things. He also very much wants to please Jesus, so often, if I phrase things in that light, he gets it, and moves on. Oh, if the others were that easy!

I have often called Drew my "mini-me". He has a choleric temperament with a bit of sanguine. If you know anything about the temperaments, this means that he wants to be in control of everything and he is also very social. He and I tend to butt heads-often. At 6, he often thinks he knows the answer to EVERYTHING. I hate to say it, but I was much the same way. I very often have to remind him that his job right now is to work on OBEDIENCE. For the most, part, he is a good boy with a strong will, and once he gets the obedience reminder, he generally complies. If he doesn't, a few minutes in time out generally does the trick (we use a kitchen chair in the corner for this).

Then, we have Michael. As Andy said to me the other day at Mass, "he brings out the best in me and the worst in me." At 3 1/2, he really tries our patience, and I am often left wondering what the trick is going to be to get him to comply. You all know, I have written several times about his refusal to potty train. He is very bright and gets it, but would prefer use his pull-up. I have tried both rewards and punishment for this, to no avail. Putting him in cloth trainers makes no difference as well. This is really a battle of the will, as are most things with Michael. He is downright stubborn. If he has hit his brother, and we tell him he is going to time-out or to his room, he tells us he isn't. At this point in my pregnancy, it is harder to move him when he does this (he does the "dead weight" thing). Andy and I have really been working on consistency for his actions as of late-that, and a lot of prayer!

Nancy-I wish I had a better answer! I do feel like we are all in this together, though, so if anyone wants to chime in with their discipline tricks, please do!

Baby Update and other things...

I went to my OB appointment this morning. We are at 31 weeks today! Now, I will be switching to the every 2 week appointments. My blood pressure was great (110/62), as was my weight. I have only gained 11 pounds this pregnancy so far. I think that this is mainly because of how sick I was in the beginning. Baby's heart rate was 160. I am feeling good about all of that. He wasn't too concerned about my swelling at this point. I just need to put my feet up when I can.

Also, we have an induction date-September 10! It is hard to believe that it is all coming so quickly. If it looks like, I might go earlier, he will move the induction to September 3. I am fine with either date. The older boys will be in school by then which is what I am praying for. I have to be there at 6 AM, so I will probably drive up myself so Andy can get the boys up to school and get Michael settled with my sister. We'll have the issue of 2 cars at the hospital, but I figure we can get someone to help us get one of the cars home.

So, besides baby, there are big changes coming down the pike at my job. I have been teaching online in a remediation program in the evenings for 3 1/2 years. I have also worked my way up the supervisory ladder. The company is going through restructuring, and my extra positions are being eliminated. They are replacing 2 positions with a new one called "Lead Teacher". At least 80 people are going to be applying for 15 of these positions. I submitted the application and my resume this morning. If I don't get it, then I go back to being just a teacher, and I lose the pay upgrade I had with my extras. Please pray that I get one of these positions. It's not just about the money, it is also about losing what I have worked so hard to do at the company. Thanks in advance!

13 July 2009

Quiet afternoon!

My niece, Martha, is staying with us for a couple of days. Her older sisters are at camp, and she gets to sleepover at her Godparents (us) tonight. Her Mom is away, and her Dad and 4 much older brothers get to have a boys night. I love having her here-she is so much fun and a HUGE help.

Right now, she is outside swimming with the 3 boys. Martha is like a mother hen to my Michael-very sweet to see! She is 17 months older than Peter, so she is a great example for him as well. And Drew just loves when any of his cousins come to visit! It's very quiet around her, so I am going to switch loads of laundry and put my feet up!

11 July 2009

Weepy, but fun!

I am so weepy and hormonal! Tonight, we went with the boys to a pizza place that had one of these:

It was a HUGE organ that literally had components all around the restaurant. They have really yummy pizza, but they are kind of pricey, so we only go there about once a year.

So, what made me cry? A couple of things-organs like that are made for polkas. The polkas made me think of my Grandma and great Aunt Mary who lived with us until I was 11. They had such an impact on me growing up. They are on my Mom's side of the family (the Polish and German side), and I miss them a lot.

Then we ordered pizza, and we had a rarity. We were able to figure out a way for me to get MY favorite toppings on half of one of the pizzas-sausage, mushroom and onion-YUM! It was also my Mom and Dad's favorite kind, which made me think about how much I miss them, and well. it ALL made me weepy. Actually my folks have been on my mind lately because this is the first baby I am having without at least one of them physically here. UGH! I am SO hormonal right now!

Q & A

I am at a loss...call it pregnant brain...so I am opening up the floor again to questions. anything you want to know? I will do my best to answer!

08 July 2009

I love a good deal!

I don't usually do posts like this, but I was so excited after yesterday's shopping trip! This week it is double coupon week at Kmart. They double up to $2 coupons, meaning you could save up to $4 per item. Couponing has become kind of an addiction for me. Kmart has been doing this about once a month. Since I did this for the first time in May, I have spent next to nothing on shampoo, cleaning supplies and razors. Last night, I got 5 bottles of shampoo for $1.50.
I went to 3 Kmarts last night, and got the above stuff. Most expensive were the diapers (stocking up for the baby) and pull-ups (for the child who won't potty train) which I paid about $5.60 per pack for after savings. Everything else was about a dollar or less. I ended up saving 56% on everything (Totals were $154 before savings/coupons, out of pocket $67). This is one of the best Kmart runs I have had yet. What are you doing to save money these days?

07 July 2009


I am stressed, and I am tired...As I approach the two months left mark, I am starting to feel a tad overwhelmed. I know I can and will get everything done, but wow, sometimes I feel like I don't know where to start.

I commented to Andy yesterday that every year I feel like the 4th of July is the halfway mark for summer (it's not-the boys don't start until September 1). My brain, though, starts going into back to school mode, and I begin to make lists of the things that I need to get done-uniforms, school supplies, soccer stuff.

This year, though, I feel this extra sense of get it done-NOW. I think part of it is the fact that Andy is forecasting bed rest and an early induction. I am so swollen by the end of the day, but I know it is from the summer heat. I just feel like there is so much to do and not enough time or energy to do it!

Does anyone have any suggestions for time management? My hours have been cut to about nil at work. Not good, but it will pick up in the fall. So right now, I need to focus on getting my to-do list shorter. I also have about 3 books I am trying to read and a baby gift for a friend who is due in August besides the back to school/getting ready for baby stuff. I just sit down to do some of it and, well, I start to doze off...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! See I did it again! ;)

06 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Drew!

My Drew is 6 today! We celebrated with my in-laws on Saturday at their house as my MIL was not ready to come all the way in to our house. Then, we celebrated with my sister's family yesterday. My sister and her husband are Drew's Godparents. Busy weekend, but a lot of fun!
For the actual birthday today, we are taking it slow (Mama needs to!). Right now, they boys are playing the new racing game Drew got for the Wii. For his birthday dinner, Drew has asked if we can go to the food court at the mall. Because we eat out so seldomly, the boys never ask for home cooking on their birthday.
Happy Birthday, Drew! Mama loves you so much!!!

05 July 2009

On my heart...

There have been some thoughts weighing on me for a while. I am hoping in writing about this, I can gain some clarity.

Some of you know that when I was 10 years old, my Dad was ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church. Unlike the rest of my siblings who were adults or nearly adults, I lived many years being called the Deacon's daughter. Friends would often claim that I wouldn't do this or that because of my Dad being a deacon. There were many things I chose not to participate in as a tween or teen, but it was mainly because if it was wrong in the eyes of the Church, well then, it was just wrong. I was far from perfect, but my slightly OCD self just liked to play by the rules (I still do).

Anyway, there were times growing up and even now when I have been asked why the Church teaches a certain issue a certain way. Birth control is the one that comes to mind. I think that I had friends who felt that with my Dad being a Deacon, I must know the answer. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. If I did, I was always careful to say that the Church teaches such and such, and as I got older, I found the need to add, "Look, I practice what the Church teaches, you asked for the teaching, HOWEVER, there is no value judgement in this statement." I am far from perfect, and I would never judge someone for their life choices. I might be saddened, but I am not the judge. I leave that up to God.

Earlier this year, I had a blow out with a friend. The exact circumstances don't matter. She left the Church a long time ago. She also made some life choices that sadden me, but all I could do was pray for her. Long story short, she cut me out of her life, because she said I was too judgemental. Truly, I am OK about this. I had a priest tell me in Confession that I needed to cut ties with her. I still pray that one day she will rejoin the Church, but I also know that I am a much more peaceful person now than I was when she was in my life.

This wasn't the first time I have heard this. I have also been called too Catholic. I don't feel that is the case. I feel like I could do and be so much more. I have changed a lot over the past few years. Having children, real life practicing Catholic friends and quite honestly, meeting such wonderful Catholic women in the blogging community have made me desire to be closer to Jesus. I am just trying to figure out how to handle these situations. I never want to come off as judgemental. I just love the Church and all of her teachings, and I want to follow those teachings without being criticized for my beliefs.

04 July 2009

Happy 4th!

For our family, this is also known as Drew's birthday weekend. He was born on the 6th, and will be 6 on Monday.

Because of my mother-in-law's recuperation, we have a variety of activities this weekend. We are going out to their house for lunch today so that Drew can see his grandparents for his birthday. My MIL just isn't quite up to the trip yet.

Tomorrow, my sister and her family will come over here to celebrate. Mary and John are Drew's Godparents, and he loves every moment he can spend with them. I have a lot to do between now and then, including getting the house ready and picking up food for my in-laws and for here tomorrow. Wish me luck!

The 4th is an odd holiday for me because I start to feel like summer is half over (really it's not). This year in particular, I am feeling kind of stressed about getting things together for the boys to go back to school. Not knowing whether the baby is coming before or after they are in school makes me feel like I need to have everything ready early. Also, there is this little problem with Michael, who will be 4 in September, refusing to potty train. He totally gets it, and is really refusing to do it. I need to pray for the best way to get this done.

Anyway, everyone have a great 4th!

01 July 2009

As promised!

Here she is! This is one of the pictures from the ultrasound on Monday. I love looking at her nose an mouth in this one-I think it is pretty clear. I am giggling as I look at the sidebar where it says she has hit the 2 pound mark. She actually is almost 3 pounds! We are getting quite excited for her arrival in mid-September.

Thanks so much for the prayers for Peter this morning. He did really well. He was very nervous-kind of had that deer caught between the headlights look on his face for most of Mass, but he was paired with an older server who led him through what he needed to do. He only missed one of the times he was supposed to ring the bells at Consecration (there are 3), but Father went through it with him after Mass. The look on his face when he walked out of Church after Mass was one of happiness that he had done it. He is looking forward to his next time (which is next week!).
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