24 November 2008

More Ornament Fun!

To see the ornaments from last week, click here.

This cute little Santa is from 2002. I have to say I had absolutely nothing to do with this one. It suddenly returned to me why. My Dad was doing chemo and radiation during this holiday season, and I was pregnant with Drew and very pukey. Andy did these all on his own, and did a great job! These are made from your classic homemade salt dough. Santa's head is an upside-down heart, and he is painted. That's it! I think he's cute, don't you?

This wreath was our ornament from 2003. Andy and I enjoy taking pieces and parts from things and putting it together. We go crazy with glue guns-in a couple of weeks, we'll have the burn marks to prove it! Anyway, the greens were snipped from one of those mini trees you can buy at any craft store. The red berries were clipped apart from red bead strings, and the bows are from a decorate you mini-tree kit. This one is one of Andy's favorites, but all I remember is ALL THE GLUE!
Next Monday-my favorite ornament of the set!


Susie said...

Very cool:-)

Christy said...

i love homemade ornaments!!! They are beautiful.