28 January 2010


Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I really needed to be lifted up, and I definitely was! That is what I love about this beautiful blogging community-we are here for each other!

I am looking forward to Saturday, as one of my best friends talked me into attending our diocese's Women of Christ conference. I am looking forward to having some time for myself and time with Jesus. I believe in the schedule of the day there is besides a number of great talks, the opportunity for Confession, Adoration and it closes with Mass. I will take your intentions, spoken and unspoken with me and, of course, pray for each of you!

27 January 2010


I remember years ago when my dear sister-in-law started referring to herself as broken. I think it was around 4 or 5 kids (she has 8). Some of you know this feeling. The exhausted, house is dirty, laundry not done and I just don't care feeling? Yeah, I am pretty much there right now.

The past few days, I have sat down to try and write a blog post. Millions of thoughts swirl through my head-including starting to write about my parents' illnesses. Guess what? Not a word was written. I am broken.

I am at that point in the winter where I feel beaten. And it hasn't even been that bad of a winter compared to the past couple. The sun peaked out for maybe 5 minutes yesterday, and I was ecstatic. I took my sunglasses instead of my regular ones. I love when the sun is out in the winter. I needed my other glasses shortly after leaving the house (left them at home). Drew came home with torn snow pants twice this week. Monday, he sported and 8 inch gash in them. I got out the sewing machine and stitched them up. Tuesday he came home with a similar gash right below where I'd sewn the first. I admitted defeat and took off my last hour of work so I could run to the store and find a new pair. I am broken.

Last week, while I was up at school coaching forensics (junior high public speaking competition), Michael had his first wetting accident in months. I had nothing there for him. He had to sit wet for 45 minutes. On the same day, Peter left his social studies project on the hard drive at school. It was due the next day. That afternoon, Drew commented that he and Alex were the only ones I hadn't raised my voice to. I am broken.

Yesterday, I asked the boys to quickly and quietly have their snack after school. I had to feed Alex, and just wanted a few quiet moments before homework, dinner and my rush to teach at my new earlier hour. The boys got louder and Michael's bowl of popcorn flew across the kitchen. I hung my head and thought to myself, I feel so broken.

I am trying to imitate Christy's example by thanking God for these moments, and MckMama's reminder that one day I am gonna miss this, but boy, some days it is so hard.

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Sleepytime Edition

I love my blankie on my face!

Sound Asleep!

Very sleepy!

Notice here that Michael has cramped himself into the top third of his bed-so sweet!

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23 January 2010

What a week!

I am so glad it is Saturday! This was a crazy week filled with LOTS of driving and business. My FIL's surgery went well, but it was day surgery, so he had to go back into the doctor every day this week. Andy drove back and forth to his parents' house every day this week (it's about an hour away). He was glad that I told him to take vacation this week. It really helped him to feel less stressed about the week, and he was able to spend time with his Dad.

I worked a lot of odd hours this week. I have to do some creative scheduling these days. They have hired back all of the laid-off teachers to assist with peak. What has happened as a result is that I am getting only the first hour of my availability, but not the other 2 (I normally teach 7-10 every night, but am only getting 7-8). As a result, I am having to add the 6 pm shift to my schedule, and try to add other hours as they come up. Last night, I taught 6-8 and 9-10. I hate having splits like that because it kind of ruins my momentum and I am exhausted for that last hour.

Next week, I teach at 6 PM every night. The downside of this is that Andy will literally walk in the door and I will have to go teach. I'll have dinner ready for him and the kids, and he'll feed the kids. I have to take advantage of this because late in the Spring, hours will fall off until Fall. What's the phrase? Make hay while the sun shines.

Speaking of which, Andy and I are really starting to realize how bright Michael is. I mean, we knew it, but he is putting together concepts without us talking about it. For example, this morning, I was telling the boys that much of the snow was going to melt today (40 degrees, lots of rain, YUCK!). He said to me, "Mom, then the sun will come out, and it will get warmer and the leaves will grow on the trees." Now, I know that isn't quite right in that we are in the North and we have a lot of winter still ahead, but I don't think that at 4 my older boys realized these things. I remember having to point out the seasons to them. He just kind of figures things out. I wish I could get in the brain of his!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! The boys are at swim lessons right now, and I am going to take advantage of them being gone and the baby sleeping to pick up around here...After all, I need to make hay while the sun shines!

20 January 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday-First Cereal 1/9/10




Since these photos, she has moved onto carrots and sweet potatoes!
She loves to eat!


I had no idea what this movie was about, until I saw this on another blog. Do not see it!

For more information, click here.

H/T Padre Steve.


We went to Mass this morning as Peter was serving at the all-school Mass. Andy is out helping with his Dad which meant that I was on my own with Michael and Alex.

It started out well enough. Alex snuggled into me, taking her bottle. Then Michael started, "Mom, hold me!" Could be heard throughout the church. "Love, love, love!" was next from my dear sweet son!

Then we went up for Communion. Michael screamed as I walked up, "BUT I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE!" He was speaking of Eucharist. I quietly walked back to the pew. As we knelt for the Blessed Sacrament to be exposed (we have Perpetual Adoration), one last comment from the peanut gallery 4 year old, "Can we go home now?" I am sure many in church were thinking, "Yes, please GO!!!"

19 January 2010


As in swirling thoughts...I was musing about things to write this morning, and suddenly I was feeling inspired to write about the years of my parents' illnesses (yes, it was years!). I am still thinking about what I want to do. I have a lot to say. Not sure if I will just do some writing on my own or if I will share some of it here. Perhaps I will do both. I just feel like what I went through really developed me spiritually, and I feel like I need to write about it...we'll see...

18 January 2010

A Goal for 2010

Notice that I didn't say resolution? I don't believe in those because well, I always seem to fail at those. Goals, though, I can get behind.

So, last year, in an effort to try and live more cheaply, ahem, frugally, I started trying to come up with a couponing routine. I did pretty well, for a while, but then I had this beautiful baby girl come along, and I fell off the wagon. I had the best of intentions, but it just was really hard to do. I decided to make 2010 my year for really getting this.

My friend, Becky, at one point last year, pointed out to me that I needed to be tracking my percentage saved. The more I thought about it, the more I realized she was right. Even though I love math, and I teach math, I must humbly admit that I am awful at percentages. So, what's a girl to do? Ask her tech-savvy husband to make her a spreadsheet. Now, when I get back from shopping, I can plug it all in and see how much I am saving!

Do you know what that has done? It has turned me into a raving lunatic savvy shopper! I am totally obsessed with seeing how much I can save! Last week, I did a run to Walgreens to stock up on Lubriderm. I never used to buy it, because it can be pricey. I have now stocked up on it and it pretty much will last me all year! I had great coupons, it was on sale, and I had a rebate! All this together meant that I saved 62%! On Saturday, I went grocery shopping. I saved 34%! I was excited about that but moreover, I was motivated to do even better next time!

I am off to Walgreens in a bit to stock up on Bayer Quick Release Crystals. The stuff is a dream for getting rid of headaches! This week if I buy 3 of the 20 packs (at $2.19 each-normally $8!), I get a register reward on a future purchase of $6! That is like getting it free! The key though is if you buy more than 3 to separate the purchases.

I am really getting into this! I love saving money, how about you? Any saving tips you'd like to share? Do you want me to share more of what I am learning as I learn it?

Busy week!

We are off to yet another busy week! I literally ran all weekend, and am utterly exhausted. Andy is on vacation this week, but there really is not going to be much rest going on. His Dad is having surgery tomorrow. Nothing major, but prayers are appreciated! So, Andy will be mostly out at his folks' house the next 2 days giving them a hand and leaving me to handle things here.

Peter has a science fair project due on the 29th. He did all of the data collection yesterday and now has to put things together. I'll post pictures when he is done.

I saw my niece, Clare's, play yesterday. She was in a production of Fahrenheit 451. I can't say it was an uplifting story, but she did a great job. I am hoping she is trying out for the Spring musical. They are doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I think she'd be great!

Also had a great dinner out with friends last night. I so needed that! It has been a crazy beginning to 2010, and it was good to just sit and talk.

Hope every one is having a great week! I was way behind on my reading, I did go through every one's posts, just did not leave very many comments. Hoping to get into a routine this week!

13 January 2010


I feel like I have lots to say and not too much to say. It has been an incredibly draining week, and it is only Wednesday! I think the cold is getting to me (come on now-I am from the North, I should be used to this by now!). The sun is finally out today, though, so it helps!

Andy is on jury duty for the next 2 days (unless he gets picked for a trial). I have been called up twice, and both times I was picked. I told him he should have waited to shave his goatee off until after jury duty. he just looks like such a nice guy without it (I mean he is ALWAYS a nice guy, but he looks the part!). This is his first time doing jury duty. He is hoping that the fact that his brother-in-law is a lawyer, and that his cousin is sheriff in one of the neighboring counties will preclude him from being chosen. Like I said, I have been picked twice. I think he'll get picked! I drove him down this morning so we wouldn't have to pay parking. We'll see how the day goes.

Miss Alex turned 4 months over the weekend. She has started rice cereal, and after a couple of days seems to be getting it. I took her for her appointment on Monday. She weighs in at 13 pounds, 6 ounces and 24 3/4 inches. She is doing great! And we survived the second round of shots. I have some great pictures to post as soon as I get the camera hooked up!

Do any of you pierce ears? Andy has always wanted to do this if we had a baby girl. (he has images of this little Italian girl with little earrings...she definitely has the coloring for it! YAY, for Italian genes!) The pediatrician said we have to wait until 6 months. I do not relish the thought of taking her for it, but Andy has wanted this for a LONG time.

Teaching is OK. I work every night until 10 PM. While I am thankful for the work, some nights it is very tiring, especially when the students just aren't all that eager.

So, I was perusing a blog and someone mentioned they were going to Blissdom. I had never heard of it. I looked it up and saw it was a blogging conference. Cost? $300! I personally think it is a way for people to pay and learn how to turn their blog into a business. Now, if that is what someone wants, that's great. It's not why I blog. I have seen many a blogger either go this route and fail or go this route, and then they end up losing what I love about blogging-they lose themselves and why they wrote in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I often find these professional bloggers a great resource for money saving tips, couponing and recipes, etc., but for me, I started this blog as an outlet, and wound up making some really great friends whom I hope to carry with me for a long time!

I am hoping to get back into a routine soon on this blog!

09 January 2010


As a last minute decision, we decided to attend Mass tonight. We normally only do this when we have something like travelling on Sunday, but for whatever reason, we decided to go tonight. The older boys were ready as were Andy and I. Michael had been in a nice sweatsuit (I know, seriously? for Church? but it was Saturday night and it's very cold, and he is only 4, so I decided to be OK with it). I asked Peter to get Michael's shoes on while I got Alex together.

So, we run out to the van. As we are driving to Church, I realize that I forgot the diaper bag! I say a quick prayer that she would have no blowouts during Mass (Thankfully, she didn't). Then, I turn to look at Michael. He has his dress shoes on-with sweats. I sigh and let it go. As we are walking into Church, I look again. Not only is he in dress shoes, but they are two different shoes, two different sizes and both for the left foot! Next time I'll learn to either start getting ready earlier or insist we go on Sunday.

As an aside, even though it was my oldest Peter who caused this amazing fashion statement, his heart really is in the right place. Peter loves to draw, and as he sat making a map tonight, he scattered it with crosses. He explained to me that the crosses represented all of the Churches so that if someone wanted to go to Church there would always be one close by. "Isn't that a great idea, Mom?" Yes, Peter, it most certainly is! (He also recently told me that he thinks it is a great idea to go to Mass every day-I love this boy!).

One Word Comment

From Sarah-Kala: Leave a ONE word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post on your blog so I can leave a word about you.

08 January 2010

Jump Around!

I'm a big girl in my jumper, don't you think?

07 January 2010

Review: Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths

I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths: A Source Book for Apologists and Inquirers by Dave Armstrong. I was drawn to this book for its use of the Bible to explain the teachings of the Church. So often, I have heard that the problem with Catholicism is that teachings are not based in Sacred Scripture. This book proves that claim totally false!

Bible Proofs is divided into 115 thematic headings with over 2000 biblical proofs to give truth to Catholic teaching. The book is very easy to read, as well as very easy to use when looking for an explanation of a specific topic. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to find this book as it will be a great source book in years to come!

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths.

06 January 2010

Exciting News!

My niece, Clare, just found out that she will be attending the March for Life in DC in a couple of weeks! She is very excited, as am I for her. I was able to attend as a junior in college and it was so wonderful!

I have asked her to do a guest post here after she comes back. I thought she'd like the opportunity to share her journey. Please keep Clare and her classmates in your prayers as these young women prepare for this incredible opportunity. (Clare attends an all-girl, Catholic high school, just like I did!)

Wordless Wednesday-Where Mama found me in my crib

Yes, that's the corner! (And her favorite place to sleep!)

05 January 2010

On Pacifiers

Being the youngest of 5 children who became an aunt at 13, I did a lot of babysitting growing up. As a result, I had some very definite ideas about certain things involving raising children. Pacifiers (or nuks) were just one of these things. My sister-in-law's kids all used nuks. My sister's did not. There were a few times when I was left with my sister's youngest, nuk-free baby and I had no way of soothing said child. My babes, I promised, would all be nukie babies!

So, Peter was born and true to my word, he use a nuk. Loved it in fact! So much so, that I didn't take it away until he was 3 1/2 (my Mom and Dad were sick, there was a lot going on, I thought it would be mean to do it). Drew was exactly the same! He loved his nukie-although he gave his up a bit younger (3). I asked him about it yesterday, and he said he missed his nuk (sweet).

Then we had Michael. My dear, sweet, Michael whom, I have said before, brings out the best and the worst in Andy and I as parents. He refused any nuk-and we tried many. He was also my colicky child, and would have benefited from it, but no go!

Now, we turn to my baby girl, Alex. She seemed to be turning into a nukie baby-at first. Now, though, she seems to be going the way of Michael. She wants nothing to do with it-most of the time. And then, every once in a while, she takes it. Most of the time, though, she won't, and I can hear her slurping on the heel of her hand in her crib.

I feel like I am at a crossroads. I am not sure what to do. I really do believe in the power of the pacifier as a tool to calm down an infant. As a non-nurser, I've always felt like it was important. I remember telling my husband's sister, that you just need to work with them. All babies like nuks. HMMM...starting to re-think that. Thoughts?

04 January 2010

Sisters in Faith

What a great way to start the new year! Thanks to Nancy who truly is a Sister in Faith! Please also check out Karinann, the originator of this award!
As Blog Awards go, you are supposed to pass them on to other bloggers who you feel represent the spirit of the award. In this case, the instructions are: 1. To pass this award on to sisters who have been blogging with me from almost the beginning, 2. Include at least one new Sister In Faith.
Here are my sisters:
I know I could come up with more. Thanks to Nancy for the award! You all truly do lift me up, and I am so thankful for you all!