03 November 2008

The faith of a child

My son, Peter, has a great love of Jesus and at his young age takes his faith very seriously. We have perpetual adoration at our parish (and have for 25 years). For those who might not know, this means that the Eucharist is available displayed in a monstrance for anyone to go and pray in front of any time of day or night. We feel very blessed to have Jesus available to us in that way at any time. Peter loves to stop in and say hi to Jesus after school whenever possible.

Today, I had hoped to stop in with all 3 boys after school and get in some prayers for the election. Alas, Michael had fallen asleep. He has a bad cough (may be croup coming on). I asked Peter if he wanted to go in and make a visit while I stayed in the car. He, of course, did. I reminded him to say a Hail, Mary for the election, and off he went. When he came back, I asked if he remember to say the Hail, Mary. Indeed, he had, and told me, "He told me to say 3 more." I asked, "Who told you, sweetie?" "Why, Jesus did!" I have no doubt that Jesus did tell him to say 3 more. God is so good!


Sydney said...

Dearest, forgive me but I've given you another award. It's because I love you so! Hope you are having a good day! 5 days till WICKED!!!

Kim H. said...

Okay, that gave me goosebumps and a lump in my throat. I find it such a joy when little ones develop such a love for our Lord. And you know I know the Lord ALWAYS hears the prayers of the little ones.

And you're going to see WICKED?....LUCKY! I saw it last year for Mother's Day. It was great - I was just blown away. Enjoy it.

Therese said...

oh that is beautiful. Tell your son I am thankful that he listened to Jesus and prayed for the upcoming election. I bet Mary is smiling down at him now.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Yes he is so good, so very good. I think we may be called to remember that in the next four years. It may be the wake up call the US needs.
I will be home in a week. See you then

Dawn said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thank You Peter. The prayers of children are heard the loudest..they are the most honest and innocent. May the Love of Christ always be in your heart as you grow into a wonderful young man.

Beth G. said...

Therese, that is wonderful!!
You know how strongly I feel about the prayers of children. Don't you feel proud as a mother that you are passing such a strong faith on to your boys?!
Keep up the prayers!!

Amy said...

That is awesome :D

Bia said...

We have perpetual adoration at our church, too. It is such a blessing.

I've read Wicked, know all the songs, but have yet to see it...have fun.

Amy said...

Hello Therese,
I have found you through our other Therese at at Aussie Coffee Shop. I am Amy in West Texas, Word from the Herd.
Lump in the throat over Peter. WOW! I so hope and pray that 'the powers that be' over our country will be quite and listen as a small child, cast dought aside and know He is Lord.
Thank you, and I'll be back often!

Amy said...

Hello Therese,
I found you through Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop. I am Amy, Word from the Herd, in West Texas. I am so excited to find you. Wow Peter, you're a great kid. I pray that the leaders of our country will learn to be quite and listen and He is the Lord of all. I will be back often.