30 June 2010

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Fourth of July!

Wordless Wednesday-The Pasta Edition!

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29 June 2010

Remember this?

Back in December of 2008, Michael was starting to make potty training progress. Then, this happened. Long and short of it, he flooded the toilet, and did not potty train until after he turned 4. Guess what? HE STILL REMEMBERS. In fact, he is still freaked out about it. Last week, Drew flooded the toilet. Nothing major. It happens. Since then, Michael refuses to flush the toilet. Insists on having Andy or I do it. So, what am I to do?

I have images of him asking his teacher to flush. All.the.time. Help?

Thank you!

Thank you far the prayers yesterday! I will be on our parish's council for the next 2 years! I am very happy about this. We have a wonderful pastor, and this is a very exciting time to be in our parish! Thanks again!

Mommy Musings

This post has been stirring around in my head for quite some time. It started with something I read on one blog and then evolved into something else as a result of something else I read. From the beginning, please understand that I am in no way making a commentary on anyone else's choices. This post is about me.

So, as I said, a few weeks ago, I read a post from a new mom that she was lonely. Oh, how I remember those first weeks when I had stopped working to become a SAHM. I was so lonely. All of my friends at the time were still working, some not married, some married with no kids. I think that being a SAHM mom can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but also one of the loneliest. I mean, you can't talk to your 2 year old about life's worries, can you?

I think over time, life changes. I had more kids. My life slowly changed. I hate to say it, but friendships changed too. I now have a group of friends who predominantly are also SAHMs. A few of my friends work, but most are in the same place I am. For the most part, the loneliness has subsided, but there still are days where I miss adult conversation. I suppose that is why blogging has become so important to me. It is kind of an outlet to alleviate those lonely days.

So, then I read on a couple of other blogs thoughts about what I term 'The Mommy Wars". You know what I mean, stay at home vs. working. I have to stay at the outset, that I hate this discussion because I think that stay at home mothers and working mothers can be downright mean to each other (breast feeding versus bottle feeding is in the same group). As a hybrid, (I work from home), I don't see myself as belonging in either group. I do wish we could support one another in our endeavors. 

28 June 2010


Please say a prayer for me today. I was nominated for Parish Council, and tonight I have to go to prayerful discernment. Six of us have been nominated for 4 positions, and I need to explain to the committee why I think that I would be a benefit to the council. Come, Holy Spirit, and guide me!

25 June 2010


So, I was wondering today, what makes people leave a comment on a blog? I am sometimes surprised by which of my posts leaves more comments. Two weeks ago, I posted my 8th grade picture, and it garnered a ton of comments, yet other posts, maybe one or two.

I know that my commenting on others' blogs goes in waves. I think that google reader makes it less likely for people to leave a comment (too bad they haven't made it so you can leave one from reader). Sometimes I don't have enough time to leave a comment, but I do try.

So what leads you to comment or not? Leave a comment and let me know! :)

Friday Flashback!

Friday Flashback

Ten years ago, we attended Andy's sister's wedding. 
Peter was 6 weeks old.
Being premature, I was so afraid to take him.
The reception was in a park-this was one of the few pictures taken of
him that day when he wasn't in his carrier, 
behind mosquito netting.

What are you flashing back to? 
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24 June 2010

Recipe Swap Thursday-Next Week!

Recipe Swap Thursday

The theme for next week is:

Fourth of July!

What do you like to make for the holiday?


This is the first summer since Peter started school where I feel like I have a good handle on summer. In the past, I have struggled to have a routine where the boys were kept busy but still having fun. The routine usually went out the window after the first couple of days and they ended up with way too much screen time as a result.

This year, however, has a very different feel to it. The boys are really sticking to their chore charts which is giving them a sense of responsibility. The charts are also helping them keep up with those summer reading minutes. Drew and Peter have each found reading series they are enjoying, and I think they are looking forward to reading daily.

We are also trying to pray the Rosary daily. We haven't been perfect, but we do try and say it right before lunch. From the first day, when my dear Drew complained that we were going to say "like 50 Hail Marys!" to last night when he said he wanted to add the Rosary to his chore chart because he knew that saying it would make God and Mother Mary happy, I am seeing beautiful, but subtle changes in my boys.

We are also spending a lot if time outside, something we didn't do much last year because I was so great with child. The boys are swimming almost every afternoon, and have friends and cousins over to share the pool. The afternoon has turned into a much anticipated time for me as I love to both hop in with them or lay in my lounge chair and watch them play. On Tuesday, I basked in warm sun-something that usually makes me restless- and truly thanked God for this opportunity to be with my children and enjoy the warm sun on my face. I pray you are all having as wonderful a summer as I am!

Recipe Swap Thursday-Summer Salads!

Recipe Swap Thursday

Tortellini Salad

1-2 heads romaine, torn into bite sized pieces (amount of romaine depends on size of heads)

1 pkg refrigerator cheese tortellini (cooked and cooled)

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

1/2 pound bacon, cooked and broken up into pieces

grape tomatoes

black olives

sliced mushrooms

ranch dressing

Place all ingredients in a bowl and toss with ranch dressing! Enjoy!

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23 June 2010

Check out...

my niece's blog-I think you'll recognize her Wordless Wednesday subject! :D

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Pro-life Musings

Last night, our parish had a speaker, Marisa Beffel, come in to speak about the pro-life movement. Her talk was on building a culture of life in America. She is a Catholic Bio ethicist and the mother of 9 children. I wanted to share a few thoughts on her talk.

Marisa spoke a good while about the Founding Fathers and their intentions. She spoke of the fact that we are a Christian nation, built on Christian values. (Did you know that Thomas Jefferson said his greatest accomplishment was being the chairman of the American Bible Society?) Marisa spoke at length about the fact the "all men are CREATED equal"-not born equal, CREATED equal. As a result, the smallest human being, from the moment of conception, affords the same rights as we do.

Marisa also spoke at great length about Roe v. Wade. Did you know that they used the 14th Amendment to legalize abortion? If you read the first section, it speaks about giving rights to citizens. What about our youngest citizens-those in the womb? Norma McCorvey (Roe) converted to Catholicism and is now pro-life. At this point, Marisa spoke of how Norma said she would have never envisioned what has happened because of this law. Women come up to her and say thank you because they are able to have multiple abortions. At this point, Marisa made it abundantly clear that the way to overturn Roe v. Wade is to change people's minds and hearts, stepping away from a contraceptive mentality.

I wish I had the talk here for you to read. It was amazing.

Wordless Wednesday-Narnia Edition

21 June 2010

Spiritual Reading

I have a problem lately when I read. Really it is with all reading, but it happens more when I am trying to do some spiritual reading. I get sleepy. I have the best of intentions, but I cannot seem to keep my eyes open.

So, this is me opening myself up a bit. I have been trying to make some changes for myself spiritually. Read, pray the rosary, and so on, but I get tired. I don't know if it is still due to my thyroid medicine not being quite right, and I get tired because of it. I really feel like God is calling me to do more of these things. I know it makes me happier, calmer, and better with the kids. For the summer, I am trying to pray the Rosary with the boys everyday, and that helps, but what am I to do about the rest?

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day.....

to the best fathers I know...

my Daddy! (I love and miss you!)

and my hubby!
I love you so much!
Thank you for being the best father to our children!
(I know the ONLY, but the best!)

19 June 2010

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18 June 2010

Friday Flashback-Broadway Musical!

In February of 2008, Andy and I went to see The Lion King. The musical was a dream come true, particularly for Andy. There was one song, They Live in You, which has special significance for me. It makes me think of my parents who I miss very much. So, for this Friday Flashback, I am going back to The Lion King.

They live in you,
they live in me
They're watching over
Everything we see
In your reflection,
They live in you.
Love you, Mom and Dad!
So this is my Friday Flashback-what about you?
Friday Flashback can be ANYTHING you want to look back on,
so flashback with me and link up in the comment section!

17 June 2010

Recipe Swap Thursday-Next Thursday

The theme for next Thursday is:
Summer Salads!

Recipe Swap Thursday-Summer Desserts!

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Chocolate Pudding Torte


1 1/4 C flour

1/2 C butter

1/2 C ground nuts


1-8 oz. cream cheese

1 1/2 C powdered sugar

8 oz. Cool Whip, divided

3-3 oz. boxes chocolate pudding

4 1/2 C milk

For the crust, mix together flour, butter and nuts. Press in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 325 for 15 minutes. Cool.

Mix cream cheese, powdered sugar and 1 C Cool Whip. Spread on top of crust.

Mix pudding and milk. Pour on top of cream cheese mixture and let set.

Top with remaining Cool Whip. Garnish with chocolate curls if desired.

16 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Tomorrow is Recipe Swap Day! Please post your favorite summer dessert recipe and then come over here to link up! Can't wait to see everyone's recipes!

15 June 2010


My friend, Allison, is giving away an awesome purse that she made. I am posting this for extra entries. Please don't enter! I really want this purse! :D

Birthday Plans

My Drew is turning 7 in July! We let the boys do something with friends every third year*** starting with first grade (so this is Drew's first friend party. I like for the kids to be old enough to remember it before they have a party like this.

So, even though his birthday isn't until July 6, his friend party is on Saturday. I wanted to have it before summer plans really got underway for everyone. Drew and the boys in his class are going to see Toy Story 3. Then we will do cake and presents in their party room after. He is really excited about this! I am sure I will have pictures to post on Saturday!

***I really wasn't thinking when we decided on the every third year thing-Peter and Drew ended up with parties this year, and Michael and Drew will end up in the same cycle. We may move Michael's party when he is this age as a result!

14 June 2010

Recipe Swap Thursday!

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This week's theme: SUMMER DESSERTS!

11 June 2010

Friday Flashback: School's Out for Summer!

I thought I would share a picture from my school days
as my Friday Flashback!
This is circa 1983-fall of eighth grade.
Like the half mouth of braces? PRETTY!
What are you flashing back to?

09 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Big Brother Edition


Just wanted to give a plug for a couple of things.

Some of you saw last week that I instituted Friday Flashback around here. I wanted to talk about it a bit more. My thought on this is that flashbacks can be any sort of thing we want it to be. A video, a picture, a previous blog post. I just thought it would be a fun thing for Fridays. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on this.

Also, I am going to start up "Recipe Swap Thursdays" again! Plan on the first post being NEXT Thursday, June 17! Looking forward to it! Theme for the 17th will be "Summer Desserts" so dust off your recipe box and join in on the fun!

On my allowance

So, the one thing I forgot to share in the discussion on allowances (and thank you for all of the discussion!) is that Andy and I too are now getting an allowance. This idea was Andy's brainchild, and, quite honestly, I spent a lot of time pushing away this one. I guess because I have always lived the budget like what was leftover after bills was fair game. This is not the best way to do things. From what I have read, you budget every dime down to 0, whether it is going to bills or savings. I didn't want an allowance. It would make me more accountable.

But Andy pressed on, and this month, I relented. So on the first of the month, I handed him and myself half of our allowance (we get the other half mid-month on my payday). I have to say that I love having that cash in my wallet to use or not. I actually took me until yesterday to spend any of it. My niece was over for the day and I told her I would treat for lunch. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I realized that I would have to, gulp, take it out of my allowance. To my niece, who will probably read this, I am glad I did, BUT I then drove to Wendy's (her choice) trying to figure out how to most cheaply get lunch. Luckily, she only wanted a cheeseburger and fries which I was able to get off the value menu.

This brings me to another thought, though. As I was driving, and this was more of the issue of how to pay as little as possible, I had a hard time choosing what to get for me. I have been a little more diligent, shall we say, in making more healthful choices. My thyroid is not totally in line yet, but I am really trying to make an effort in what I eat. So here was the dilemma-do I get myself something off the value menu knowing I would spend less but consume calories I don't need or do I get something healthier and watch my discretionary fund dwindle? I opted for the salad with grilled chicken, happy that I made a healthy choice, but sad that it cost a whole lot more!

Needless to say, now that I have an allowance, I am not going to be offering to treat as much!

08 June 2010

Check this out!

I am on the tail end (5th from the bottom) of 22 cousins on my Dad's side. One of the things I have loved about Facebook is getting to know my cousins who are closer to the other end better. We are having so much fun sharing pictures and memories. It helps on those days when I miss my Mom and Dad.

One of these cousins is my cousin, Carol. I have great respect and admiration for her. We sync on the important issues, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. She also is a fabulous cook and photographer!

Carol has now joined those two passions! She has started a food blog! Please check her out-she will definitely make you hungry! Here is the link to Mama Latte's Kitchen! Mangia!

04 June 2010


So, after much discussion, Andy and I have instituted an allowance with the boys. I grew up without one because my parents believed in the fact that they would not pay us to do chores. After discussion, and listening to Dave Ramsey, we decided to give this a shot.

Monday night, we sat with the boys and explained our expectations. They would each be getting a certain amount (each different because of their ages), and they, in turn, would be splitting their allowance into 3 parts: Church, Spend/Save, and Bank. We also came up with a chore list of what they were expected to do. They also could earn bonus for doing things like matching socks (yay, me!). They also were made aware that we could reduce the amount for chores not done or for not being kind.

Each of our boys had a different reaction. Michael kind of gets it. Peter was psyched about it. Drew, on the other hand, was a bit disgruntled that he would have to do chores (mind you, he has always done them, but now it is on paper!).

So, tomorrow is the first pay day. Peter keeps doing extras to try and earn more. I did explain that there was a cap to the bonus, that sometimes we do things just because. He informed that he knew that and just wanted to be a help (sweet boy!).

So, that is the basic plan! I am sure I will have some great stories about this as we work out the kinks.

Do you do allowances with your kids? How do you make your system work?

Friday Flashback

This is something new that I am instituting on my blog!

With the craze over Glee these days, I thought I would flashback to a show that was one of my favorites when I was young. I loved the show, Fame! I always wished that I could go to our local School of the Arts, but Catholic, all-girl education was what my parents gave me (and as I adult, I am so grateful for it!). This was one of my favorite numbers on the show, and still is!

Feel like flashing back with me? Leave your link in the comments of the post!

02 June 2010

Something I wrote

A while ago, I began writing for Helium. I wrote a few pieces and then stopped, not feeling like I was cut out for the program. I received an email this morning about an article I had written on the Catholic wife's role in marriage. The email was from the woman who had come up with the topic, and stated that it was "exactly what she was looking for." I thought I would share it here:

There is a common misconception in society that the Catholic Church degrades women by not allowing them to become priests. The Catholic Church actually elevates the role of woman in her role as a wife and mother. God gave us the distinct privilege of doing something that men cannot do-bear children. This aspect of being a woman in the Catholic Church begins with being a wife.
Society today has, unfortunately, come to the point where many choose to not commit to marriage, and instead, to co-habit. It is as if people need a trial period before making that leap of faith not only in the person you are with but in yourself. If they marry, they always know that divorce is an out, that they can get a do-over. This concept is a far cry from what the Catholic Church asks of its members. Part of the role of a Catholic wife begins even before a marriage takes place. It is the decision to take that leap. To say, "I am going to commit to you for the rest of my life."

Marriage is a partnership. It is a balance of give and take. As a wife, part of her role is to know when she needs to give. I am a Catholic wife, as was my mother before me. It may sound traditionalist, however, I feel that in a marriage, and in the establishment of a family, the woman is often the one who sets the faith tone of the household. He always tells people that he knew that his faith would deepen when he met his wife. His saying, "All it takes is a good Catholic woman." I am so blessed that I am that woman.

Again, this may sound traditionalist when compared to today's society, but a part of my role as a Catholic wife is to really be present to my husband and what he needs. I also need to pray-pray that I am a good wife, and pray that he is a good husband. As long as prayer and open communication exist, we can't go wrong.

I have friends who have chosen to not take their husbands' surname when they marry. Although there is no value judgment attached to this, for me, the decision to take my husband's name was easy. I gladly took his name in the interest of uniting us as a family. Some people may cry that this is wrong, that I have lost a part of myself by doing this. I, however, say that I am the same woman, and in fact, I am stronger for it. Being a wife and mother has empowered me in a way I have never thought possible. I can thank my husband and my Catholic upbringing for that.