11 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Monica!

Yesterday was my niece, Monica's birthday. She turned 21! She is the fourth oldest of my nieces and nephews, and in her junior year of college.

She goes to the University of Dallas-my alma mater. She is majoring in Education, and is going to be an excellent teacher!!!

I was lucky enough to have her parents living at UD while I was in college. Besides having my sister, Mary, there with me, I became really close to my sisters' children-Monica is the oldest. When I was in my own education classes, I would, on occassion, take Monica and her sister, Annie with me to class. My Children's Literature teacher loved it because she would spend the hour reading to the girls as an example of how to do things when we had our own classrooms.

Now, Moni is 21, and almost a teacher herself. I hope she knows how much I love her, and how proud I am of her. Happy B-day!

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