05 April 2008

P is for Proud

On Thursday, I had an interesting conversation with Drew's teacher. She asked me if I had been working with him on Math. Let me start out by saying that I never know how to answer these questions because I'm not sure if they are asking because he's doing really well or really poorly. Besides, at age 4, I don't work on specific academics because if he learns too much, then he'll be bored in school. Anyway, so I hesitated, and then I said that I had not really worked with him, but he does love to sit and count.

His teacher's response? She had been testing him that morning (third quarter report cards come out next week). She told Drew to start at 1 and count as high as he could. She said she had to stop him at 122! As a guide, I should say that when Peter was in K4 (at another school), students were expected to count to 30 by the end of the year. She also said that he could name any random number she pointed to. I know he's only 4, and I know we have a long way to go, but I am really proud of him!

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Susie said...

You should be proud! That's awesome! Good job, Mom (and Dad:-).