30 April 2008

Adventures in Cake

I started my cake decorating class on Monday night. The teacher is really great. She has been decorating cakes since she was a little girl. When I signed up for the class, I was told she was the best Wilton instructor the store had ever had. I think they were right.

Monday was a sit a listen and watch her demonstrate session. In the two hour period, I learned some really great tips-an easier way to level a cake. a way to bake a cake without a dome on it (then you don't need to level it!), and how to ice a cake and make it look like fondant. We also rolled our own parchment decorating bags-a really inexpensive way to decorate!

For next week's class, I need to come in with a torted (layered), frosted cake, and my supplies ready to learn the first decorative steps. I will be bringing home a fully decorated cake. I will be sure to post pictures of my results afterward. I am really excited to be doing this class!!!


Ellen said...

What a wonderful class to take. I've always wanted to learn cake decorating. Keep us updated.

Sydney said...

sounds like great fun t! can't wait to hear more about it!