23 April 2008

I'm having a bad day!

It happens to all of us-bad days, but, boy, I didn't see this coming.

I woke up this morning with the realization that Drew had not done his homework, and Peter had not finished studying for a test. Yesterday, Peter got home an hour late because my sister had let he and Tim play on the playground up at school. He came in just in time for me to leave and take him to the doctor-ear infection. He was able to do most of his homework while we waited, but he wasn't through reviewing his science. When we got home, I had enough time to get dinner on the table and go teach. Science was forgotten.

So, this morning, I was looking for letter x pictures for Drew. Can anyone think of anything besides x-ray and xylophone? (By the way, Drew informed me that xylophone couldn't start with x because it made a z sound!). So, I helped Drew and Peter finish their work, get ready, eat breakfast, and off to school by 7:40.

When I got back, I started going through my email. Someone had sent me an invite for reunion.com. I went to check it out, and before I knew it, the site had sent out invites to my entire contact list-didn't even ask me if I wanted to-it just did. I didn't realize this until Andy had received an invite via his pager. For those of you who got the email, I am so sorry! That was followed up by his saying, "How embarrassing!" Then I said 'Well, at least the ones that got sent to people at Educate (where I work) would be filtered out by the spam filter." He informed me that it had gotten by his spam filter, actually two of them! Crap! I just spammed my boss!

Then, I was trying to talk to Andy about a friend that I am getting the cold shoulder from. Truly, I have no idea what I did, if anything, but I have tried to contact her to no avail. Let's just say that this situation is laying heavily on my mind.

Andy left for work, and five minutes later, I got a phone call from school. Drew threw up-AT MASS. Honestly, he was fine this morning. Now, he is home, and begging for goldfish and juice. It probably was just his allergies, but I am absolutely mortified. This is the second time he has done this in about 2 months at the all-school Mass.

So, now I am home, and waiting to see if this was just a blip with Drew. I had hoped to go out and get another planter so that I can plant my sugar snap peas. Guess it will have to wit for another day! Thanks for listening!


Sydney said...

hang in there sweetie! you're a great mom and a great friend!

Ellen said...

What a day.

I hope things are looking up. I swear there's nothing worse than a friendship in limbo....it certainly brings out my insecurities. Add on top of that sicklings and homework.

You deserve a break.

writermom said...

I must have sensed your stress when I tried calling - now I know where you were! This friend sends a big hug!