09 April 2008

My Little Comedian

My son, Michael, is a little over 2 1/2, and he has become a little comedian. The problem is that it is the same "joke" over and over again. It goes like this:

"Mom?", he asks.
"Yes, Michael?" I reply.
"Nothing!" This as he starts to cackle like he has told the funniest thing in the world.

Yesterday, we had a variation:
"Yes, Michael?"
"Nothing! Mom?"
"Yes, Michael?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that one! I hope he comes up with a new one soon!


Sydney said...

I love the games 2.5 year olds play! Alex's favorite game is making us guess what tv show he wants to watch. the conversation usually goes:
"Mom, I want to watch something."
"What do you want to watch, honey?"
"I don't know."
"Backyardigans? Bob? Einstiens? Clifford?"
"Well, what do you want to watch then?"
"I don't know."

This usually ends after about 15-20 minutes and occassionally some tears. (sometimes from him, sometimes from me)
it's all very dramatic. no idea where he gets that from!

Michelle Laycock said...

OMG! My nephew Sam used to play that game when he was that age!