27 April 2008

Big Week Ahead

We have a big week ahead of us. Our oldest, Peter, is about to make his First Communion on Saturday. I am very excited for him. When we were at Mass today, I looked at him after Communion and said, "Well, that is the last time you'll sit in the pew. Next week, you'll be going up with Daddy and I." He told me he was nervous. Looking back, I guess I was too, but I know he'll be fine!

After the Mass, we'll be having a big party at my sister's house. Her youngest, Tim, is also making his First Communion that day. When Mary and I were pregnant with them, we had the same due date. In fact, when we were trying, we spent the time praying for the other to get pregnant. It was taking me a while to get pregnant, and Mary had lost a baby at 17 weeks the previous Spring. Mary had suggested we pray for each other. We got pregnant at the same time, but she was living in Omaha at the time. I feel truly blessed that her husband had gotten a job here right after the boys were born. Now they go to school together. It has been wonderful! Looking forward to their big step on Saturday!

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