21 April 2008

Don't make...

angel food cupcakes.

I decided to make some angel food cake because I bought strawberries at the store today (of course, I forgot the whipped cream!). I thought I would make shortcake for dessert tonight-it is Andy's favorite. I decided to put the batter in cupcakes so that they would last longer-I usually end up throwing out a whole cake.

So, I mix the batter, and put them in the oven knowing that I would need to keep an eye on them. I set the timer for half of the time just in case I forgot. Guess what, I forgot (I was emailing Sydney). They didn't burn, but my house is now full of smoke, and the smoke detector is going off (at least I know it works!). I think I will make a regular cake next time.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

I'll take the blame. It's been a slow day over here... so I've been bugging more people than usual.