13 April 2008

Crafty Weekend

It seems that reading The Friday Night Knitting Club has started the crafting bug in not only myself, but my friends as well. My friend, Lisa, just emailed that she has finished a new blankie for her daughter. Sydney has been working on a scarf. Michelle has got crafty juice running through her blood. And we are all getting together to crochet on Tuesday night-I can't wait!!!

When I was younger and had more free time, I had many crafty things I liked to do. I learned how to cross-stitch when I was eight, and quickly moved onto the counted variety. When I first became an aunt, I had visions of doing a piece for each new niece or nephew. The babies started coming way too fast (there are 25 grandchildren on my side of the family), so that idea quickly went out the window.

I also started scrap booking when Peter was born. I got about two pages done. We also moved a few years later, and I can't find any of my scrapping stuff. Andy's Aunt Peg has her own Creative Memories business, and she recently hooked me up with a computer program where I can organize my pictures (which are all digital anyway) into memory books and have them printed. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

Now, though, I am going to give crocheting a try. I bought a couple of hooks, and have been practicing my chain stitch this weekend. I found some great how-to videos on youtube, and Michelle is going to give me a lesson on Tuesday night. My sister, Mary, loves to crochet as well, so I know she can help me too. I have been told that crocheting is very relaxing, so it sounds like just what I need!

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writermom said...

Maybe you can hook me up with that computer picture program. Scrapbooking for these three is a lost cause ...