25 April 2008

Stormy Weather!

One of the things I love most about Spring are the storms. Yesterday, we had a short burst of rain, and exactly one clap of thunder. My oldest, Peter, got very excited-he loves storms as much as I do!
We come by it honestly. My mom used to sit in front of our bay window and watch the storms. I know it may not be safe, but she loved good storms. My Dad used to get so mad at her during a storm-he's be ushering us down to the basement if there was a warning, and Mom would stay upstairs and watch.

We're pretty lucky as far as the kids go. Peter loves storms, and his excitement wears off on the younger two. If we have a storm at night, the kids sleep through it. I am grateful for that because I have a feeling that Michael, at 2 1/2, might freak out.

So, later today we are supposed to have some heavy rains, thunder and lightning. I love a good storm!

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