24 April 2008

Turning Over a New Leaf

My list of "to-read" books if out of control. I know Sydney tried to not add to hers, but it is REALLY hard not to when there are so many books out there. I just couldn't do it. In the interest of our family's economy, I made a decision about how to read those books. In past times, I would just run out to the book store and buy what ever I would read next. Now, I am going to try something really radical-the LIBRARY.

I know what you are thinking, "What's the big deal?" Let me share with you a story about me and the library. Growing up, I was always overdue with returning my books. Not by a day or two, but by weeks, sometimes months. My sister was guilty of it to. I can't explain it, it just happened. As I grew older, the pattern continued. So, within the past few years, I turned to just buying the books. I love to own them, and I do have visions of having walls of bookcases one day. For now, though, I will try borrowing.

So, this morning, I went onto the library's website. There were a couple of reads I was interested in, and I wanted to see if I needed to put them on hold, and to see if the library even had them. My library is literally two blocks from my house, but it has literally needed an update since I was in high school. They are putting up a new one but it won't be ready until 2009. Because of this, it is important to check ahead. I also knew that my friend, Lisa, does this pretty often, so I am trying to follow her example.

I had two problems. First, I had obviously used the system years ago (probably to check a fine)because I can't get in. I am waiting for the library to reset my pin. Secondly, the one book that I REALLY wanted was due back from the previous person on January 25. OK, people, it is almost May! I know, I am being done in by a person exactly like me! I am really going to try to do this library thing, but so far, it's not looking good. Wish me luck!

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writermom said...

Have faith - the library will come through for you, and your wallet will thank you! And then, if you read one that you just HAVE to own, you can buy it then - I just did that this week.