07 April 2008

Spring has sprung!

I am cautiously optimistic when I say that I think Spring is here. We had an absolutely beautiful weekend (and after all the snow this winter, it comes not a moment too soon). The signs are all around us-our tulips are starting to pop, our crocuses are up. I love this time of year!

The picture on the left is actually of our tulips from last year. Andy loves to garden, and when we moved into our house, we purchased bulbs online from Holland. We literally have hundreds come up each year, and the number grows because tulips multiply! I really have to thank Andy for all of the outdoor work he does. It really is beautiful! I'll have to post pictures of our lillies this summer.


TheMama said...

So jealous of your garden! It's still a little too cold here.

Loving your blog too!

Sydney said...

Does Andy want to come over to our house and help???
I'm getting ready to order plants for the terrace in the back yard.
Kidding of course. Those tulips are gorgeous.

Susie said...

How are your tulips up already? Mine pale in conparison. My thumbs aren't the only things that are green (with envy).

Therese said...

Sue-the picture is from last year. As I said in my post, our tulips are starting to pop.

Nelle Onash said...

Tulips, how I wish they would grow here. The picture is beautiful.