09 June 2008

We need an ark!

Over the past weekend, the Milwaukee area has had anywhere from 7-9 inches of rain. While the worst appears to be behind us in terms of storms, rivers are still rising, and many people have flooded basements.

This weekend was one of those moments where I can happily say, "We don't have a basement!" This is quite unusual for the area, but it has been a blessing given all of the rain. On the other hand, we were not without a few issues this weekend. First of all, we had a tornado warning. What to do with the kids? We have no interior rooms per say without windows. We instead, opted to put them in our boiler room. This houses our boiler and hot water heater. At some point, the pilot on the heater went out. This meant that I had one cold shower on Sunday morning! The other issue-the outdoor part of our air conditioner got a tad flooded, so we had no A/C for most yesterday while it dried out.

Trust me, I know these inconveniences were nothing compared to those who are now wading (literally) through the damage caused by the storms this weekend. We are supposed to have more rain later this week-if this continues, we may build an ark!


writermom said...

We didn't have water, but my parents did -about two inches, and since they were in D.C., us kids pitched in and had it all cleaned up before they got home last night. It's easier to stomach when it's not your house!

Ellen said...

I saw this morning that more rain is headed for the midwest. Just what you guys don't need. Send it on down here. We are parched.

PS. Very cool widget you added.