17 June 2008

I made a discovery!

This morning I was on a mission to find a park for my kids to play at. We have a half-done play structure in our yard that, quite frankly, needs a re-do (it is giving the Tower of Pisa a run for its money!). Hopefully, we will do something about that when we are on vacation next week. In the meantime, the weather has turned too chilly to swim (got to love Summer in Wisconsin!), and my boys need something to do. This morning started the great park search of 2008!

We used to just go to Kulwicki Park which is not far from here. However, since the rain and flooding earlier this month, the play structure is housed in the middle of a lake. I decided to head to Dan Jansen Park, and give it a whirl. I was really impressed. The play structure is relatively new, and is what is called a foam park. This means that the ground is foam making the falls a bit easier. While I was there, I met a woman who gave me a couple of leads on some other foam parks. Apparently, some mothers out there ONLY let their children play on foam. What a concept! A few minutes later, Michael did his job, and with no diaper in sight (what was I thinking?), we headed home.

After taking care of the diaper situation, we headed out again. This time to a foam park near the Boerner Botanical Gardens. It took a bit to find it as the outlying park is HUGE. Well, I have to say, this has to be one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen! It was surrounded by beautiful trees and had swings, and about 10 slides! My boys were in heaven! As was I to sit on a park bench and watch them play. When Drew fell off the swing, no problem! He landed on FOAM! We all had a really great morning, and the boys are already asking when we are going back.

As an aside, I was chastised by my two older boys as we left. They were thirsty. I didn't bring water-what was I thinking? I was thinking you could wait the five minutes in the van until we got home!


Amy said...

It is so hot here, that even the parks are a turnoff to us at this point. Finding summer fun for the kids is not always easy.

Sydney said...

There's a foam playground over at the park across the street from the UCC on 9th and National (roughly). It's a beautiful facility!!!