20 June 2008

It's Emmy Night!

No, not the gala that happens for prime time TV in September. It is the Daytime Emmy's! I love this telecast. I look forward to it every year. This year, my soap, Guiding Light, is up for several awards including best soap, which they also won last year.

In honor of the Emmy's, I thought I would post links to a couple of my favorite moments from years past. My all-time favorite Emmy moment happened in 2006. Rick Springfield opened the show! That year he had made a reappearance to General Hospital as Noah Drake, and they asked him to perform at the awards show. As I am a true Rick Springfield FANATIC, this was one of the great moments in Daytime Emmy history. Please check it out here.

One of my other favorite moments happened in 2003. The show put together a group of actors from all of the soaps to sing love songs. Some of it is good, some painful! My favorites are Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding, Guiding Light), and Ricky Paull Goldin (Formerly of Guiding Light, now on All My Children). You can check that out here. They aren't necessarily the best singers, but it was a lot of fun to watch!

So, tonight, I will be tuned in to see what happens at the awards! I am really looking forward to it!


Tracey said...

Ron Raines is the best! He is among my all time favorite vocalists and he is one heck of a guy. I just came back from Boston last weekend where I saw him perform in A Little Night Music.

lynn said...

Rick Springfield performing in 2006 was a great Emmy moment! I'm a Rick fan too and that is how I happened upon your blog. I see that you are in WI, I am too. Hope you made it through all the flooding without any damage. I have a couple blogs, feel free to stop by! Have a great week.