08 June 2008

Recital Day!

Today I had the distinct pleasure of attending my nieces' recital. My sisters and sister-in-law all use the same dance school, which makes this time of year much easier with only one recital to attend. So, for two hours this afternoon, I was treated to many ballet, tap and jazz routines. Meghan had one of each while Anne and Martha had a ballet and a tap, and Emily had one ballet. I have to say I really did enjoy myself with so many nieces, there are enough numbers spread out through the show to keep me interested.

There were two other numbers that piqued my interest today. One was the annual father-daughter dance. Usually they pick one of the younger classes to do this. I have enjoyed seeing my brother, Frank do this twice. Today, it was the honor of the graduating seniors. They did a number to Britney Spears' (You drive me) Crazy. Those dads REALLY had to dance for this-I was very impressed!

The other number that I enjoyed was a group of older women (and one man) who had taken tap throughout the year! I give them credit for doing this. They were really good, and good for them to learn something that they obviously always wanted to.

It was a great performance! I am really proud of my nieces, and can't wait to go back next year!

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