19 June 2008

Energy Gripe

We are all aware of the rising costs of energy. The phone call I received yesterday, however, demonstrates the blatant misuse of funds by the energy companies. We pay for our gas and electric via budget billing. Our usage is broken into twelve equal payments which is quite nice when trying to figure a monthly budget. Mid-year in the budget cycle, the company will re-evaluate your monthly amount and increase it or decrease it depending on your usage and the forecast of future energy prices.

This month was my mid-year evaluation. I expected the amount to go up. I did not expect an increase of $80/month! As of next month, we will be paying $292/month instead of $211. I am hoping that this is temporary, and will decrease at the next evaluation.

Oh, but wait, I mentioned a phone call, didn't I? I answered the phone and was thanked by Joe Schmoe for using the company we do (like I have a choice). He then proceeded to remind me that budget amounts are reviewed mid-cycle, and I should watch my statement for whether the amount would be increasing or decreasing. Watch my bill? I got it by email 2 weeks ago! Increase or decrease? Do you really think there are that many bills that will be decreasing right now with the economy and the increase of ALL fuels? Give me a break! What a waste of money to actually pay someone to make these phone calls!

1 comment:

Susie said...

I hate getting these kind of calls. Quit calling me and lower my bill!!