04 June 2008

My first home

I thought I would take a moment to write about where I grew up. The first home that I remember is a duplex on the northwest side of Milwaukee. I lived there from when I was one until just before my twelfth birthday. The best part of this home was who I lived with. I had my parents and my 4 siblings, but I also had my Grandma and my great-aunt Mary. Dad had bought the house so that they could live upstairs from us.

I loved that house. I lived coming home from school, bounding upstairs, and yelling out, "Auntie Mary!" This used to make my Grandma so mad! Auntie Mary was her oldest sister, and because Grandma still worked, she was often my caretaker after school until Mom got home from work. I loved being up there-watching Auntie Mary crochet, watching her say her rosary, watching her cook (she made the BEST bacon and eggs!). Grandma and Aunt Mary often took me places on the weekend too. We'd go shopping, or to a movie. Quite often, my cousins, Dann and Gregg were there, too. I have to say I was so blessed to have them there in my life. Grandma died in 1985, and Aunt Mary in 1991. I miss them a lot, but I am so glad I had them while I did!


Ellen said...

What great fortune to have had such marvelous woman in your life.

Ellen said...

women, plural...I should actually read what I write before I post a comment.