11 June 2008

A Little Pampering!

Today was the last day of school for my oldest and my nephews. I am now the mother of a third grader (that does not seem possible)! As it was the last day of school, my sister came over here and I got a little bit of pampering.

We really had a great time! Mary showed up with lunch for my kids and most of hers, and lunch for she and I. If I have never said this before, my sister is a FABULOUS cook, and she showed up with Minestrone and chicken salad (both homemade)-YUM! After we fed the kids, and we ate, she then took me to have a pedicure-her treat! Not sure what I did to deserve it, but it was GREATLY appreciated! So far, summer is off to a good start!

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Sydney said...

What a great treat! I wish my sister and I lived in the same town. I'm sure we'd spoil each other too.