01 June 2008

Home...from Church

I am starting out June's Nablopomo theme of Home by saying that I am happy to be home from church.

We went to 10 Am Mass as always, but, boy were the boys off today! Andy had to walk Michael out not once, but twice (haven't had to walk him out even once in a long time). Drew was busying himself by trying to lick me (gross), and poking his brother, Peter. Even Peter was a bit squirrely. It was just one of those days where not a lot of praying gets done, and I just hope that we get grace just from being there. I am so glad to be home!

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Sydney said...

perhaps it was the weather. alex was squirrely in church too. my favorite disruption was when he decided to shake the cheerios container with the lid open... that was second only to him asking loudly "what was that?" when an older lady behind us blew her nose quite loudly.