14 June 2008

Good-bye to a good man!

I am still in shock over the news that Tim Russert died yesterday. It was one of those moments that kind of takes you by surprise. He was young, and didn't have any health issues that were, at least, talked about before he died. Both of my parents were young when they died (64 and 68), but they had cancer. We had time to prepare. As hard as it was, in my heart I know there was nothing left unsaid. There were no regrets.

My heart breaks for Tim Russert's family-for his wife, his father, his son. His son had just graduated from college. It sounds like they were a very tight-knit family, but I often think about how deprived I feel of living the rest of my life without my parents. Really, I am lucky. I had my parents until my mid-30's. I had them around as I was just learning the ropes of motherhood. I got out a lot of those important questions. I am just rambling here, but I do feel so badly for his son.

Tim Russert was a class act. It was not until yesterday that I had any understanding of his political leanings. I looked forward to watching "Meet the Press" because there wasn't any of the bias that you see among most of the media today. His coverage was fair and balanced. I am going to miss tuning in to see him as I get ready for Mass on Sunday. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace, Tim Russert.

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Sydney said...

Election night will never be the same. Tim Russert was a rock star in the world of journalism... an example to every young person out there who wants to be a journalist. It's not just about being on TV... you have to do your homework. I'll never forget him, and I think his book "Big Russ and Me" just jumped up a few places on my stack of books "to read."