18 June 2010

Friday Flashback-Broadway Musical!

In February of 2008, Andy and I went to see The Lion King. The musical was a dream come true, particularly for Andy. There was one song, They Live in You, which has special significance for me. It makes me think of my parents who I miss very much. So, for this Friday Flashback, I am going back to The Lion King.

They live in you,
they live in me
They're watching over
Everything we see
In your reflection,
They live in you.
Love you, Mom and Dad!
So this is my Friday Flashback-what about you?
Friday Flashback can be ANYTHING you want to look back on,
so flashback with me and link up in the comment section!


Clare LoCoco said...

((told ya i'd be up!))

聖妃 said...
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Gardenia said...

I'm playing too !