25 June 2010


So, I was wondering today, what makes people leave a comment on a blog? I am sometimes surprised by which of my posts leaves more comments. Two weeks ago, I posted my 8th grade picture, and it garnered a ton of comments, yet other posts, maybe one or two.

I know that my commenting on others' blogs goes in waves. I think that google reader makes it less likely for people to leave a comment (too bad they haven't made it so you can leave one from reader). Sometimes I don't have enough time to leave a comment, but I do try.

So what leads you to comment or not? Leave a comment and let me know! :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just don't have time to comment! Usually I may have something to say, but IMHO it doesn't add to the conversation, so I don't.

Amy said...

I think it depends on several things...the time I may or may not have, what I have to contribute, etc.

Jamie Jo said...

For me, it's time, time, time!!!

I want to comment on everything, but just can't!

Your recipe this past week looks so delicious!!!
I love your new logos for Friday flashback and the recipe swap logo, they're great!!

gramma2many said...

Wish I knew. I wish everyone who stopped by my blog would at least say, "Hi I was here."

becomewhatyouare said...

Like the other ladies, time is a factor, and also whether or not I think I have something to contribute or not (and whether or not I care if I actually contribute or if "blabbing without purpose" feels alright.)

If it seems someone needs encouragement and I can give it, I try to make the time to comment, even if I don't think I have time.

And finally, I try to comment regularly so that those whose blogs I read know I've been by. If I know it's been a while, I'll try to leave some kind of comment just to make sure that they know I've been there.

Often I don't comment because blogger is giving me trouble.

I have a lot of trouble with the blogger comment system. hrmph!

SAHMinIL said...

It for me depends on the topic. I do all of my reading via google reader and if something strikes me then I'm more likely to click through and leave a comment.

I know that the readers have their benefits: Such as a person is more likely to read your material, but the disadvantage is you loose actual visits to your site, unless they decided to click through! :)

Anonymous said...

If I don't feel I'm adding to the conversation, I probably won't comment. I also am more likely to take the time to comment on a blog that doesn't get a lot of traffic or comments.

I still try the "I've been here" kinds of comments but sometimes wonder if it is annoying to people.

Mostly, if it's I feel I have something to contribute or add to what's already been said.

Michele said...

i always found be it on the blog or not, that everyone loves to comment on a photo. for instance, ones of my mom always get nice comments. depends on what interests a person. depends on the topic. some topics appeal to a certain crowd, others don't. like when i make a comment about bad weather, more often than not i'll get a comment or two. depends on what the commenter likes to see or the subject of the talk, sometimes its even the title of the post that draws the comment. :)

Sarah said...

Isn't that fascinating? I often wonder the same thing. For awhile I was putting so much heart and soul into posts and suddenly realized that you never know when you will get comments. A little blurp can give you a bunch of them and the heartfelt, telling-it-like-it-is post can get few. It is kinda interesting.

For me, if I've got a post I'm reading in Reader and I don't have the time to comment, I star that post and then go back into my starred list later and go back to comment on the blog. That seems kind of helpful for me when I'm short on time, but really want to comment.