24 June 2010


This is the first summer since Peter started school where I feel like I have a good handle on summer. In the past, I have struggled to have a routine where the boys were kept busy but still having fun. The routine usually went out the window after the first couple of days and they ended up with way too much screen time as a result.

This year, however, has a very different feel to it. The boys are really sticking to their chore charts which is giving them a sense of responsibility. The charts are also helping them keep up with those summer reading minutes. Drew and Peter have each found reading series they are enjoying, and I think they are looking forward to reading daily.

We are also trying to pray the Rosary daily. We haven't been perfect, but we do try and say it right before lunch. From the first day, when my dear Drew complained that we were going to say "like 50 Hail Marys!" to last night when he said he wanted to add the Rosary to his chore chart because he knew that saying it would make God and Mother Mary happy, I am seeing beautiful, but subtle changes in my boys.

We are also spending a lot if time outside, something we didn't do much last year because I was so great with child. The boys are swimming almost every afternoon, and have friends and cousins over to share the pool. The afternoon has turned into a much anticipated time for me as I love to both hop in with them or lay in my lounge chair and watch them play. On Tuesday, I basked in warm sun-something that usually makes me restless- and truly thanked God for this opportunity to be with my children and enjoy the warm sun on my face. I pray you are all having as wonderful a summer as I am!


Anonymous said...

The chore charts are super cute! I think the rosary is a really good idea and i should try doing that. Well keep it up! (knock,knock)


Nancy said...

Oh Therese...I'm so glad for you that you have found a rhythm for the summer! I'm still struggling. I had to end the Rosary tonight hardly before we got started because of lackidaisical attitudes....Olivia finally broke the rosary she was "playing" with...and Amelia would NOT SIT UP...she kept saying she was "tired". ***sigh*** it seems like some days you just can't win for losing!

Love ya.

Kim H. said...

This post makes my heart smile!!! I miss you friend and think of you each and every day. One of these years I hope to find my way out from under my rock and catch up with everyone.

Glad you're having such a peaceful, prayerful, relaxing summer.

Hugs sweet friend!