09 June 2010


Just wanted to give a plug for a couple of things.

Some of you saw last week that I instituted Friday Flashback around here. I wanted to talk about it a bit more. My thought on this is that flashbacks can be any sort of thing we want it to be. A video, a picture, a previous blog post. I just thought it would be a fun thing for Fridays. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on this.

Also, I am going to start up "Recipe Swap Thursdays" again! Plan on the first post being NEXT Thursday, June 17! Looking forward to it! Theme for the 17th will be "Summer Desserts" so dust off your recipe box and join in on the fun!


Allison said...

Yay! Recipes are back! And I have the perfect one for next week! :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm putting in a request for a week of vegetarian recipes proven yummy. I've started to change my diet and need all the help and variety I can get to stick to it.

Looking forward to FF's. Not sure what to contribute at this time but I can't wait to be inspired!