23 June 2010

Pro-life Musings

Last night, our parish had a speaker, Marisa Beffel, come in to speak about the pro-life movement. Her talk was on building a culture of life in America. She is a Catholic Bio ethicist and the mother of 9 children. I wanted to share a few thoughts on her talk.

Marisa spoke a good while about the Founding Fathers and their intentions. She spoke of the fact that we are a Christian nation, built on Christian values. (Did you know that Thomas Jefferson said his greatest accomplishment was being the chairman of the American Bible Society?) Marisa spoke at length about the fact the "all men are CREATED equal"-not born equal, CREATED equal. As a result, the smallest human being, from the moment of conception, affords the same rights as we do.

Marisa also spoke at great length about Roe v. Wade. Did you know that they used the 14th Amendment to legalize abortion? If you read the first section, it speaks about giving rights to citizens. What about our youngest citizens-those in the womb? Norma McCorvey (Roe) converted to Catholicism and is now pro-life. At this point, Marisa spoke of how Norma said she would have never envisioned what has happened because of this law. Women come up to her and say thank you because they are able to have multiple abortions. At this point, Marisa made it abundantly clear that the way to overturn Roe v. Wade is to change people's minds and hearts, stepping away from a contraceptive mentality.

I wish I had the talk here for you to read. It was amazing.

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becomewhatyouare said...

I like the new layout!

I have long said that as long as contraception is so widespread, accepted and even expected, abortion will be also. How can it not be? If we can believe we have a right to that much "control" it only makes sense that there will be a demand for a "backstop" for when that control fails.

Of course, Pope Paul VI said it first....