15 June 2010

Birthday Plans

My Drew is turning 7 in July! We let the boys do something with friends every third year*** starting with first grade (so this is Drew's first friend party. I like for the kids to be old enough to remember it before they have a party like this.

So, even though his birthday isn't until July 6, his friend party is on Saturday. I wanted to have it before summer plans really got underway for everyone. Drew and the boys in his class are going to see Toy Story 3. Then we will do cake and presents in their party room after. He is really excited about this! I am sure I will have pictures to post on Saturday!

***I really wasn't thinking when we decided on the every third year thing-Peter and Drew ended up with parties this year, and Michael and Drew will end up in the same cycle. We may move Michael's party when he is this age as a result!


BLVNHIM said...

We do family parties, but since our boys' birthdays are 13 days apart, we like to keep it as small as possible. We allow them to select one friend they want to do something special with and what they want to do and we go do that. Both boys picked an indoor water park this past year, and happened to pick brothers. We just invited the other family to go with us and paid for their two boys. Parents paid for themselves. No presents are ever allowed. We want to celebrate their lives and not clutter that ends up being a pain in my rear. hee hee. Sofia won't get started on this until she's in preschool at least.

Colleen said...

We haven't had a friend-party yet...does that make me a bad Mom? But we do have big family parties with tons of cousins...why do I feel the need to defend myself?!? Anyway, I just caught up on your blog and my hubby and I have also been talking about a cash allowance each month for ourselves. I think we'll be starting in July, so you can be my guinea pig until then ;)

Frizzy and Bird said...

He and Yaya's birthday are one day apart. Hers is the 7th. Crazy aye? She wants a Scooby Doo party. We're in the middle of trying to decide how many kids we should invite. I like the number of kids per the number of years she's turning. Gets tricky with kids who have siblings tho. Your thoughts on this?

Therese said...

Frizzy-I like the idea of the number of kids per age. Because he is in school, we went with just the boys in his class, and left it there. I know there are some kids whose families are staying for the movie, but they are doing that themselves.