21 February 2008

The Lion King

Roughly 10 years ago, my husband, Andy, had heard about Disney putting together a musical version of the movie The Lion King. He was really pumped up about it! There was a coffee table book published about the making of the musical. I bought it for him for Christmas, and he was very excited to have it knowing that it would be a while, if ever, that we got to see the musical. I flipped through the book, and thought, well, to be honest, that the sets and costumes just looked kind of odd. Because we have never been to New York City, Lion King never really came up after that.
Then, last year, it was announce that the show was coming to Milwaukee for a month long run. We talked about it, and it didn't seem likely we'd go. We were trying to pay off some stuff, and trying to save up for the eventual mini-van purchase. Then, I made the decision. I would get the tickets for Andy for our anniversary. I hid the tickets in the coat sleeve of the coat I had given him for Christmas. Boy, was he surprised!!! As February 19th approached, we both were getting really excited!
Tuesday night was the big night! I truly had no idea what we were in for (makes me wish I had looked at the book more closely before we went). I have been to 3 other Broadway shows in my life (Lisa, thanks for Chicago and Les Mis!), and love seeing musicals. By far, The Lion King is the most amazing show I have ever seen. The sets and costumes finally made sense. The music was absolutely incredible. I became teary eyed many times throughout the show, even struggling not to sob during He Lives in You. Trust me, this was not an experience that Andy and I will ever forget.
So, if Lion King comes to town again, we will for sure go and see it again. If you ever have the chance to see it, make every effort to. It is an experience of a lifetime!

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