29 June 2010

Mommy Musings

This post has been stirring around in my head for quite some time. It started with something I read on one blog and then evolved into something else as a result of something else I read. From the beginning, please understand that I am in no way making a commentary on anyone else's choices. This post is about me.

So, as I said, a few weeks ago, I read a post from a new mom that she was lonely. Oh, how I remember those first weeks when I had stopped working to become a SAHM. I was so lonely. All of my friends at the time were still working, some not married, some married with no kids. I think that being a SAHM mom can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but also one of the loneliest. I mean, you can't talk to your 2 year old about life's worries, can you?

I think over time, life changes. I had more kids. My life slowly changed. I hate to say it, but friendships changed too. I now have a group of friends who predominantly are also SAHMs. A few of my friends work, but most are in the same place I am. For the most part, the loneliness has subsided, but there still are days where I miss adult conversation. I suppose that is why blogging has become so important to me. It is kind of an outlet to alleviate those lonely days.

So, then I read on a couple of other blogs thoughts about what I term 'The Mommy Wars". You know what I mean, stay at home vs. working. I have to stay at the outset, that I hate this discussion because I think that stay at home mothers and working mothers can be downright mean to each other (breast feeding versus bottle feeding is in the same group). As a hybrid, (I work from home), I don't see myself as belonging in either group. I do wish we could support one another in our endeavors. 


Amy said...

So true! We are all moms and everyone is different, that is what makes the world go round. I don't get the bickering either, it should all be about what works for you. And being a good parent, raising your kids right.

Kim H. said...

Oh honey, a BIG "AMEN!" here!!! Can't we just all get along?... :)

And boy, I could have totally written this post. One thing that I faced was when we had Molly it was a time where several of my really good friends were transitioning out of being SAHM and going back to work and school. It was very hard for me. The friends that had been there in the trenches with me were now saying good-bye to their kindergarteners and heading back to paychecks and school books. I definitely had a hard time with that. I was in a completely different place.

But God, as He always does, provides just what we need when we need it the most.

Hugs, friend!

gramma2many said...

As a 63 year old SAHG, that is not sag, I get very lonely at times.
When I was a SAHM, my sisters were also and we spent hours together with our children. Things change and we just have to roll with the tide.