29 June 2010

Remember this?

Back in December of 2008, Michael was starting to make potty training progress. Then, this happened. Long and short of it, he flooded the toilet, and did not potty train until after he turned 4. Guess what? HE STILL REMEMBERS. In fact, he is still freaked out about it. Last week, Drew flooded the toilet. Nothing major. It happens. Since then, Michael refuses to flush the toilet. Insists on having Andy or I do it. So, what am I to do?

I have images of him asking his teacher to flush. All.the.time. Help?


gramma2many said...

Go in with him a few times. Stand with him while HE flushes so he can see nothing will happen and he will be able to do it alone after a few trips with you. You may have to hold his hand a time or two to get him to do it again. Be sure he understands how much paper his little butt needs too. They always seem to unroll the entire roll for their jobs, thus toilet overflow.

Jamie Jo said...

I always tell myself when the kiddos go through some kind of stage thing, weird kid thing or whatever it is that's a hard thing at the time that it usually only lasts 3 months and then it goes onto something else!

Mum2eight said...

no advise here Therese but I will be praying for you to find an answer.