21 June 2010

Spiritual Reading

I have a problem lately when I read. Really it is with all reading, but it happens more when I am trying to do some spiritual reading. I get sleepy. I have the best of intentions, but I cannot seem to keep my eyes open.

So, this is me opening myself up a bit. I have been trying to make some changes for myself spiritually. Read, pray the rosary, and so on, but I get tired. I don't know if it is still due to my thyroid medicine not being quite right, and I get tired because of it. I really feel like God is calling me to do more of these things. I know it makes me happier, calmer, and better with the kids. For the summer, I am trying to pray the Rosary with the boys everyday, and that helps, but what am I to do about the rest?


Amy said...

I have issues with getting sleepy when I read too. I try not to read at night because that seems to be the worse time. Good luck with that.

My daughter has to do a book report/project for her summer reading for school and the book we will be reading is Saint Therese and the Roses...I thought of you!

Nancy said...

Just take it one day at a time! That's all you can do. For one thing...God knows your intentions.
You could try praying the Rosary at a time of day when you are most awake...perhaps when you first wake up.
The enemy would like nothing more than for you to give up because you can't stay awake...try just reading one or two pages a couple of times a day...maybe with a cup of tea/coffee or diet coke!

Alas...I have the same problem with the Rosary. When we do it, each person does an entire decade, but, Dan and I still trade yawns while we're doing it.
You could also put a rosary tape/cd in and listen/pray while you're doing the dishes or cooking dinner...or folding laundry.
Good luck my friend...I'm right there with ya!

Sarah Oldham said...

Hmmmm. Well, first off: no guilt. If it's something you want to do, you will find time to do it, as you have. As far as being tired, I like Nancy's suggestion to have a bit of tea or something. Do it when most alert. Get the kids involved.
Mean time, I'll pray for you to keep the energy whilst praying! Mary loves it, the devil hates it. Keep on keeping on, kid. That's the best remedy!

Gramma 2 Many said...

There is a saying that goes like this. If you cannot go to sleep, read the Bible. Satan will put you right to sleep.
Think that could be your problem with Spiritual reading?

Anonymous said...

Just keep on doing it!

I do my reading in the morning with my coffee. If I did it at night or later afternoon I would definitely feel like going to sleep!

Melissa said...

I have the same problem. So you are definitely not alone.
I usually pray the rosary at bedtime. I have an iPhone app where I can pray along with the Daughters of St. Paul. It's wonderful. But it can make me sleepy too. I also have downloaded A Fr. Benedict Groeschel & Simone Luminous Mystery's Rosary.
Fr. Groeschel has a very soothing voice that makes me sleepy and often puts me to sleep. But I think going to bed this way is relaxing and keeps me focused on prayer as opposed to laying there worrying about everything I usually worry about which always leads me to have trouble falling asleep.
And as far as spiritual reading I have a few books I am currently trying to read and by the time I can read them, usually at night, I get sleepy also.
I think the fact that we are making an effort is better than not at all.

Sarah Oldham said...

Fr. Barron says something about spiritual sloth . . . and I don't think that is what you have because you have a strong desire to do so . . . but, on the other hand, it's too easy to dismiss (even if feeling guilty about being tired) . . . and I will say that is right where the horn-headed dude wants you to be. So, before you pray: ASK the Holy Spirit to keep you alert and with the mind of Christ and praise the Lord before you begin for the blessing of His Church and the Spiritual Fruits given when praying in the Spirit of Truth.

Colleen said...

Of course, I am in the same boat. One little thing I have done is keep my Daily Bread book in the bathroom. Kinda gross, but it allows me a few minutes to read a chapter in privacy!

Also, we tape any special prayers to our bathroom mirror so we are reminded to say them every time we see them.

Hmmmmm, I hope God is okay with my bathroom prayers....