19 July 2010

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is quite a hot commodity in our house, as I am sure it is in yours. Yesterday, I realized that we were down to our last roll. Yes, that's right, the.last.roll. I was in dire need of a grocery trip, but I figured I could wait until after Alex finished her afternoon nap. We did a Sam's run, and they are remodeling the store. I could not find the toilet paper. On the way home, I called Andy and asked him to pick some up on the way home.

Here is the way things went in the last hour before Andy got home. Michael went to the bathroom upstairs and screamed down the he needed t.p. I told him to use the downstairs bathroom. Did he? No...he took the t.p. on up without my knowledge. Then I had to use the bathroom. I sit down to no t.p. I yell up, and Drew brings down the last of it. Maybe a third of a roll. A few minutes later, Drew informs me that he needs to use the bathroom. A little while later, he yells out that he needs more t.p. Seriously, we were out. No t.p., no tissue, nothing...I gave him a couple of napkins...then Daddy came home!


Mommycrat said...

Oh boy! We only have one bathroom in the house, so I don't think we'll ever have this specific problem - we do have the challenge once in a while that spare rolls are in a hall cupboard and not the bathroom due to lack of space - so every now and then you are called upon to throw a new one in :)

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog re: my return to work. It was a tiring day - but it was okay.

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, isn't that funny!!!! (probably not while you were yelling for TP)

It's feast or famine when it comes to TP isn't it?

Sydney said...

This very nearly happened to us on Friday. Craig informed Friday morning on my way out the door that the roll of t.p. in the bathroom was THE LAST one in the house. He had to pilfer it from the basement bathroom, which rarely gets used. That was at the top of my list for shopping on Saturday. Thank goodness I was the only one home all weekend or it could have gotten ugly!

Sarah Oldham said...

Totally been there. HA HA. Thanks for the laugh! The thing is, boys don't need it until they need it and we women need it EVERY TIME.

Dawn said...

love this post. so been there.