19 July 2010

Festa Italiana 2010

The city I live in has many ethnic festivals each summer. My favorite, of course, and really the only one I have ever gone to is Festa Italiana. I have great memories of going every year on Sunday to attend the Mass an procession. It's usually like a mini-family reunion. We haven't gone since my parents were alive. In a way, it was too painful to go without them there. This year, we decided to start the tradition again.

This was taken after the Mass. They were all so hot! It was 95-Festa Sunday always seems to be the hottest Sunday of summer!

Alex in her red and white-all dressed up for the occasion!

This is Fr. Tom (a Polish priest at Festa!). I have known him since I was 3. He married Andy and I as well as officiated at the weddings of 3 of my 4 siblings. My Drew is Andrew Thomas, the Thomas being for Father Tom. You can't see Drew here but he is sporting a HUGE smile at seeing the man he is named after!

The procession through Festa is traditional as you would see on the streets of Italy.
Our Lady of Fatima!

St. Therese!

Madonna del Lume!
This one has special significance for me as it is a replica of the painting from my family's
church in Porticello, Sicily.

Blessed Mother, pray for us!

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Colleen said...

Gotta love those Catholic Italians and their feasts!! My mother-in-law's family is from Sicily, and i know how proud Sicilians are to be from there :)

Therese said...

Yes we are, Colleen!

Laura O said...

I'd love to attend such a fun festival. Even though it was hot, it looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Maybe I'll have to start some family feast day celebrations to fill in the gap :o)

Frizzy and Bird said...

What a wonderful tradition. I can completely understand why you needed to take some time away. I pray you enjoyed your day that many happy memories returned of your parents and many new memories were made.

Anne said...

It looks like a packed house for the Mass! Isn't that wonderful?

Gardenia said...

wow. love the red and white, and the statues are beautiful aren't they? we do have a festa italiana each summer at our Catholic H.S. grounds, with lots of foos, but ours doesn't compare to yours!

Gardenia said...

ooops. food.

Kim H. said...

love, love, love this post! Looks like a beautiful event, even with the heat!