09 July 2010

Field Trip Friday-Summer Reading

Over on BlogTrotting, we are sharing our summer reading lists. I decided to share mine. I am not making much progress thus far, but am hoping to find more reading time.

1. A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion. This book is being published by AmazonEncore next month (already on kindle if you have one). It has also been picked up for a movie option. I know Karen in real life, and she is an amazing author! To read more of her story, you can check it out here.

2. Dragon House by John Shors. I started this book last night as I have book club on Monday. So far so good!

3. Fatherless by Brian Gail. I actually started this a while ago. It is a great book about the spiritual battles raging in the Catholic Church.

I could include a dozen more, but if I can finish these by the end of summer, then I will be a happy camper!


Gardenia said...

Fatherless is on my TBR (to be read)list -- haven't picked it up yet, but that's just as well, b/c my nightstand is overflowing with TBR books. re kindle: I've been thinking of getting one but only know one person who has it. she likes it btw. do you have one, or have you heard abnything about the other ones similar to it?

Therese said...

Gardenia-I do have one and absolutely LOVE it!

mep said...

As a Catholic who sometimes struggles with the institutional church, I am very interested in Fatherless. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, I also love my Kindle. Recently though, I have been using the free Kindle app on my itouch because it is so easy to read and hold my itouch while nursing my little one. I can sync the Itouch to the Kindle and read the same book on both. Pretty cool.

Enjoy your summer reading!

Gardenia said...

thanks for the info re kindle.

Sarah Oldham said...

Currently reading Eat, Pray, Love. It's making me laugh. I have a pile downstairs by my throne. I expect I'll get at least four read before the month is over.

Karen McQuestion said...

Thanks for mentioning my book, Therese! I'm honored that with your limited time mine is one out of the three you're reading.