06 July 2010


Welcome to everyone coming over from BlogTrotting! I am always happy to share some of the highlights of the great state of Wisconsin! I have lived here my whole life (except for 4 years of college), and love what we have to offer!

In August, we have the Wisconsin State Fair! If you head over, you have to indulge in a cream puff! Lots of yummy goodness! Our State Fair even has a drive thru for picking up these gems. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant last year so we skipped the fair and my hubby brought these home instead! YUM!

In the center of the state, we have the Wisconsin Dells, home to many indoor and outdoor waterparks. We love going up every summer!

We also like to indulge in something called frozen custard around here. It is so much better than ice cream! If we check out Kopp's, the flavor of the day is Red Raspberry...MMMMM!

These are just a few of the things you'll find in Wisconsin.

A little bit more about me-I am a Mom to 4 (3 boys and a girl, ages 10 and younger). I also work from home, teaching online in the evenings after my hubby comes home. Around this blog, I like to write about my family, my faith and cooking. I host a Recipe Swap on Thursdays, and Friday Flashbacks on, well, Fridays. I would love to have you come back for both! The buttons and code for both are at the bottom of my blog! And if you check out last Friday's Friday Flashback, you will find a giveaway, which runs through 11:59 CST tonight!

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gramma2many said...

Yea!!! I did not know you were going to do a blog trot!! So fun isn't it?
Some day, I will indulge in cream puffs with you at the fair. Or maybe we will go out to have a custard together:)
Better get a recipe ready for Thursday. Seems like I wake up on Friday and realize I did not post a recipe.

becomewhatyouare said...

I loved going to the Dells when I lived in WI!

I forgot about frozen custard. You didn't mention "bubblers". Or cheese curds! :)

Colleen said...

You're the second person who has mentioned frozen custard this week...I have to try some ASAP!

Karen McQuestion said...

I have to confess that I wasn't familiar with a blog trot. What a fun concept! And now I have a serious craving for a cream puff. My grandmother used to make them and they were heavenly. The State Fair version comes pretty darn close...

mep said...

A drive-thru for cream puffs? GENIUS!!!! I'm wondering how far the drive is from Chicago to the cream puffs!

Hubby and I are hoping to take our kid to the Dells soon to check out an indoor waterpark. Woo hoo!

I'll check back on Thursdays as I LOVE recipes!

Thanks for the tour.

Buckeye Mom said...

My sister in law just moved to Prairie du Chien, WI. Also, I made homemade frozen custard on July 4th to celebrate my youngest son's 5th bday! I love cream puffs too! So many coincidences!
Great post!

Mum2eight said...

my sister was an exchange student when she was 16 and went to Wisconsin. She lived in a town called Chilton.

I will have to ask her if she went to any of these places. My guess is she probably did.

CaraBee said...

We have a place called Rita's here that serves frozen custard. It is heavenly. A summer must have, for sure!

And that cream puff looks absolutely to die for! All that cream, wowza!

Thanks for being a part of BlogTrotting!

Diana said...

Wow, look at all that filling in the cream puff! Mmmmm, that is reason enough to visit the fair, huh!

Thank you for taking us on this tour! Totally enjoyed learning about your neck of the country!