15 July 2010


Every once in a while, my mother-in-law sweetly stocks my freezer. It is very generous of her, and obviously helps our grocery budget.

She did this last month, and I went this morning to pick something to cook. There was one package labeled "arm roast", arm roast?

I had seen this when she came back from her butcher but had not thought about it. I have come to find out that it is a chuck roast, similar to what you would use for pot roast, but seriously, do we have to call it arm roast? I love a variety of meat and cook with many different ones, but when cuts are labeled with body parts-I kind of get grossed out. Remember this discussion on pork butt? We will just be calling it beef roast around here, thank you very much!


Herd Momma said...

hee....hee...I have never heard of an arm roast. I still have trouble with rump roast. I agree Beef roast, port roast....and leave the rest to imagination if need be. I bought a beef roast yesterday and intend to put it in the crock pot tomorrow.

varunner said...

Over from MLC. Ha! Arm roast. Now that conjures up some creepy images!

Tennessee Teachers said...

Visiting from MomLoop!

Meats can have some interesting titles--- I'm still trying to figure out hamhock.

Mommycrat said...

At least she put a label on it. My Mother in Law gave us some meals after I gave birth - which was WONDERFULLY appreciated - but we didn't label them before freezing some of them (other friends did the same and we ended up with too much to get through short term - I know, it's rough). So we had these mystery frozen things - could be dessert ... could be meatloaf ... it was an adventure that led to a few "Plan B" meals.

Nevertheless, I always welcome people who bring me food! It means one less thing I have to cook :) Your mother-in-law sounds great!