01 July 2010

Friday Flashback-Pasta Edition

Friday Flashback




So, we know that these are my 4 babes-some saucier than others! My question to you is who is who? The winner of this contest will get a special Italian prize pack!

Here is how you earn entries:

1. Leave a comment listing who you think each picture is (Peter, Drew, Michael and Alex)-only correct answers count.

2. An extra entry for writing your own Friday Flashback post and placing the link to the post in my linky. Remember that you can flashback to ANYTHING you want to!

3. An extra entry for following me or if you are already a follower (leave a comment).

4. An extra entry for blogging about this contest on your blog (leave a comment).

Contest ends at 11:59 PM Tuesday, July 6! Good luck!


vicki krueger said...


Jamie Jo said...

OK, my first thought is exactly what Vicki put, but that seems too easy....you'd want to trick us right?

1. Alex
2. Drew
3. Peter
4. Michael

I actually think the 2nd is Peter because the oldest is usually the neatest...but I'll go with this guess!

I linked you and flashbacked today and put you on my sidebar...but it didn't fit? Oh, well, I did it anyway!!

Jamie Jo said...

OH, yeah, gosh, how cuuuuuute!!!!!!

Your kiddos are adorable!!!

Herd Momma said...

alex, peter, drew, michael.
They are so precious.

Gardenia said...

Alex, Michael, Drew, Peter, in that order. I think the last one is definitely your oldest and the first one is definitely your youngest! thanks for adding my link while I was away. Oh those faces are so sweet. funny that you had your camera ready for each of them!