13 July 2010

Long Days of Summer

Anyone feel like we have hit the hard part of summer? Don't get me wrong, this has by far been the best summer we have had since the kids started school. We are much more organized and in a routine, but I am sensing a bit of boredom around here.

I am getting a lot of "Mom, what can I do now?" I am really proud of the boys for doing so well with their chore charts and reading minutes. Peter has even taken to doing extra things that he knows needs to be done. I am so proud of him.

On the other hand, perhaps I am the one getting bored. Without my usual school routine, I am in a rut. I am not doing my usual couponing and grocery shopping like normal. My blog posts are not flowing as I would like them. I feel like I need a project, have a thousand things to choose from, yet get nothing accomplished beyond the normal cleaning and laundry.

I think the slower pace on the blogs this summer has me down too. Fewer comments, fewer participants on Recipe Swap and Friday Flashback is making me feel lonely and sad in the blogosphere. Anyone else feeling this way? What are you doing to pick up this time of year?


Jamie Jo said...

OK, I"m feeling the same way about blogging!!! I've been contemplating giving up blogging all together, like Christine!!!

Where is everyone?
I'm still here!

But I'm not bored with summer yet, never will be....I love going to the wading pools, parks, just having time to play with neighbors and friends!

Gardenia said...

I commented to DH tonight on our evening walk that I can't believe it's already the middle of July. The summer seems to be flying by. I'm trying to keep my daughter busy in her unstructured time. the cries of boredom are easily heard in the summer it does seem.

Amy said...

I have noticed less comments too. ANd I think this time of year is like that from what I hear.

My girls are bored out of their minds, but they are home all day while I am at work. It's rough, but I've tried to plan things outside of home to do with them on my time off.

Nancy said...

Me too!

Sarah Oldham said...

For Pete'sakes, don't give up blogging!

My problem wasn't really a problem, but my sister and niece were here for 18 days and we got this new PC (which is windows 7 and driving me bonkers - husband put some security features on it that make it go wonky). Husband is outta town for at least a month so I'm really "doing everything".

with respect to this new computer, it's a pain to find everyone that was on my previous computer's "favourites" . . . it's a slow process to find everyone again.

Hugs, and Aloha,

P.S. JAMIE - I had wondered what happened with Christine. Did something go wonky and then she realized she could live better w/out blogging? ;)

Dawn said...

I was thinking the same thing about the blogosphere..it's almost an echo chamber out there..there must be some great vacations going on! :)

Herd Momma said...

I have found that I spend too much time on Facebook. Also Tom finally decided to get a new computer and getting all that set up is taking awhile. I thought I'd be better at bloggingin the summer but it hasn't really worked that way.
For a summer mix up Theater camp has started for the boys. Every morning of gettingt them going, packing a lunch and having them to the studio by 9am, that will bring back school day aughs real fast.
Don't worry, school will start soon and things will get back to wild and crazy.