13 January 2010


I feel like I have lots to say and not too much to say. It has been an incredibly draining week, and it is only Wednesday! I think the cold is getting to me (come on now-I am from the North, I should be used to this by now!). The sun is finally out today, though, so it helps!

Andy is on jury duty for the next 2 days (unless he gets picked for a trial). I have been called up twice, and both times I was picked. I told him he should have waited to shave his goatee off until after jury duty. he just looks like such a nice guy without it (I mean he is ALWAYS a nice guy, but he looks the part!). This is his first time doing jury duty. He is hoping that the fact that his brother-in-law is a lawyer, and that his cousin is sheriff in one of the neighboring counties will preclude him from being chosen. Like I said, I have been picked twice. I think he'll get picked! I drove him down this morning so we wouldn't have to pay parking. We'll see how the day goes.

Miss Alex turned 4 months over the weekend. She has started rice cereal, and after a couple of days seems to be getting it. I took her for her appointment on Monday. She weighs in at 13 pounds, 6 ounces and 24 3/4 inches. She is doing great! And we survived the second round of shots. I have some great pictures to post as soon as I get the camera hooked up!

Do any of you pierce ears? Andy has always wanted to do this if we had a baby girl. (he has images of this little Italian girl with little earrings...she definitely has the coloring for it! YAY, for Italian genes!) The pediatrician said we have to wait until 6 months. I do not relish the thought of taking her for it, but Andy has wanted this for a LONG time.

Teaching is OK. I work every night until 10 PM. While I am thankful for the work, some nights it is very tiring, especially when the students just aren't all that eager.

So, I was perusing a blog and someone mentioned they were going to Blissdom. I had never heard of it. I looked it up and saw it was a blogging conference. Cost? $300! I personally think it is a way for people to pay and learn how to turn their blog into a business. Now, if that is what someone wants, that's great. It's not why I blog. I have seen many a blogger either go this route and fail or go this route, and then they end up losing what I love about blogging-they lose themselves and why they wrote in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I often find these professional bloggers a great resource for money saving tips, couponing and recipes, etc., but for me, I started this blog as an outlet, and wound up making some really great friends whom I hope to carry with me for a long time!

I am hoping to get back into a routine soon on this blog!


Sarah - Kala said...

I think if you get her ears pierced just take care of them . . . you know? Keep 'em clean. It's just a tiny added "take care of the baby" thing and if you can do it, fine. I had Teenies done when she was a tot and they fell out and healed over; pierced again about age 8, same thing; finally got them done about two years ago and they are in for good. She's older . . . but it's not going to hurt her. The actual stapler sound next to her head may make her jerk - but they do both ears at the same time so it's going to be quick. Then, the earlobes just feel hot, right?

I agree about the blogging. It's for fun. I understand if someone branches out/started that way 'cos they are a dynamic speaker/writer (Danielle Bean comes to mind), or, that was the intent to begin with. There are many bloggers I fell could put their words into a book (Margaret in MN, for example, but there are many). I think we are blessed to read SO MANY good writers and get a peek into other people's lives . . . For me, it's just a place to share.

If I am meant to be a writer that actually puts a book out in print and folks buy it, well, then God will open those doors for me. I'll also know very clearly if and when that time comes . . . but I don't let my "dreams" weigh me down emotionally. There's far too much fun to be had!

Christy said...

I still remember what it felt like to get my ears pierced and it HURT! LOL. However, I do think that many babies look so cute with them. It isn't for me personally, we are not letting Laura Grace get hers pierced until she is 10. That is when I got my first holes done and it made that double digit birthday so special.
I know what you mean about the weather! It has been unseasonably cold here (in the teens and twenties) but is finally warming up. I know that sounds ridiculous to northerners :) I struggle with feeling down during the winter-I think it is a sunlight thing.

Therese said...

Totally agree with you, Sarah. I think what my point was about Blissdom is that I think a lot of women go there thinking they could be the next big blogger and for most of them it will never happen. I hate to see people lay out that kind of money...I would love to meet a bunch of my bloggy friends, but not at something like that-know what I mean? Like maybe on the beach...in Hawaii... :D

Allison said...

My opinion on getting girl's ears pierced as babies is to not do it. I won't do it should I be blessed with girls.

I mean, you're making the decision for them that they'll have pierced ears. Perhaps when they get older they won't want them? I've known some girls that don't have nor want pierced ears. I know they could always take them out and let them grow shut, but then it seems like a waste of pain.

Really the pain isn't that bad for them to get done when you're older. I got mine done at 10 I believe it was.

Jamie Jo said...

Jury duty---yuck!!! We all hate it don't we? I have been mailed it 3 times, one time I didn't live in the county that it was from, easy out, then the next 2 I nursed my babies and couldn't bring them.

HOpe he doesn't get called.

I've lived in the cold almost all my life except a few years, but I hate it, always will. I long for warm days and growing, green things!

Blogging, I agree, I do it as an outlet to get what's on my mind off it and have found some great friends along the way.

Ears pierced on babes is cute, but I, personally won't do it. Because I can't wait until they are 12 or 13 and I can go with them and plan a "mama date" and get them pierced if they want to. Make sense? Just something special to look forward to. Right now, she doesn't know the difference. But if hubby wants it...that might be different!

You will have to keep us posted that is for sure!

Cecilia said...

Ears pierce on a baby is a custom to some countries... for myself.. we are Cuban/Mexican and we pierce their ears at 2months is the legal age here but as in Mexican you do it the day they are born since they feel no pain as if they are older (or at least forget). I think your husband is right.. its a beautiful custom for those countries.. the girls just look girlly..She would look beautiful! All my 3 girls are pierce and I never had a problem. God bless!

Tracy said...

My daughter got her ears pierced the first time when she was ten, one night the small earring pushed itself back into her earring hole (hard to explain) her ear lobe was swollen to twice its size and had to have a doctor make a small cut to get the earring out and had stitches.. it was awful. She had them re pierced again when she was 13 and has had no problems.. for us it was important that she understood how to properly care for them and she didn't understand it at ten.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I love babies with pierced ears. My husband never let me do it. In fact, I did not get mine done until I was in my 30's. I had long hair at the time and kept them hid with my hair for a long time. Actually, Gina spilled the beans to her dad one day.
There is definitely extra care involved, but if you are up for it, do it. Or maybe Andy would like to take on the care:)
In all of my life, I have only been summoned to jury duty one time. I was never chosen though. I would love to be on a jury, but since I want to, I know I will be passed over if I am ever called again.
You know, my Christian, Conservative, believe in the Death Penalty will never get me on a jury.