27 January 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Sleepytime Edition

I love my blankie on my face!

Sound Asleep!

Very sleepy!

Notice here that Michael has cramped himself into the top third of his bed-so sweet!

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Jamie Jo said...

ahhh, so cute, I love sleeping kiddos!

instead of a blankie, Bridget loves to suck on her burp diaper, you know those white things we put on our shoulders....at least we have lots of those!

Sarah - Kala said...

kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, and Aloha from HI. Those kids are darling!

Christy said...

so cute!

Stacie said...

The pictures are adorable!

Aussie Therese said...

Christopher does the same thing as Michael. He is always bunched up in a ball at the top of his bed.

Kim H. said...

You better watch your baby when I come to town because I might steal her!!! Those cheeks, they don't QUIT!!!

And my Molly sleeps just like Michael -- and she often sleeps across the TOP of the pillows!!! That's always a good time when she's wandered in to our bed.