18 January 2010

Busy week!

We are off to yet another busy week! I literally ran all weekend, and am utterly exhausted. Andy is on vacation this week, but there really is not going to be much rest going on. His Dad is having surgery tomorrow. Nothing major, but prayers are appreciated! So, Andy will be mostly out at his folks' house the next 2 days giving them a hand and leaving me to handle things here.

Peter has a science fair project due on the 29th. He did all of the data collection yesterday and now has to put things together. I'll post pictures when he is done.

I saw my niece, Clare's, play yesterday. She was in a production of Fahrenheit 451. I can't say it was an uplifting story, but she did a great job. I am hoping she is trying out for the Spring musical. They are doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I think she'd be great!

Also had a great dinner out with friends last night. I so needed that! It has been a crazy beginning to 2010, and it was good to just sit and talk.

Hope every one is having a great week! I was way behind on my reading, I did go through every one's posts, just did not leave very many comments. Hoping to get into a routine this week!


Clare LoCoco said...

Thanks so much for coming AT! I loved it! I dont think i can audition for it, as i dont have time to get an audition piece ready in a day!
Hope this week is stress free! Call me if u need help with anything!

Dawn Farias said...

Whew! So busy!